Kajal,Eyeliner and what more?

Like many other ladies, I love eye makeup. I can’t tell how much money I have splurged for just eye pencils and eye shadows. Though I love any kind of eye makeup, my personal favourites are eye pencils. They come so handy and in a wide range of colours. I have all forms of eye makeup, gel liners, liquid liners, pencils and kajals. But I think even if we have the best eye makeup brands available in our kit, the art of applying it in the most beautiful way is a skill. I admit that I don’t have that skill.

People rave about the wonderful discovery of gel eye liners, since I didn’t want to spend a fortune on high end brands like MAC, Estee Lauder etc, I settled for a cheaper one though not too cheap – L’oreal. When the sales girl applied it on my eyes with her skilled hands it looked very beautiful. I was so convinced that I ignored the cheaper counterpart of L’oreal gel eyeliner, Maybelline one and bought the L guy! Just a few hours after application on my waterline, the first day itself my head started aching, You may think, how does an eyeliner can affect my head! But trust me, since it’s water proof and smudge proof, it starts tugging on my waterline just one or two hours after application, When there’s a strain in the eyes, undoubtedly it affects the head also. So after the initial confusion, I have never applied it on my waterline again,I use it as an eyeliner on my upper lids these days. To my dismay, after around 2 months,  the gel eyeliner started drying and now it’s not as smooth as it used to be at the time of buying. I was really fooled by L’oreal. At the same time, our own Indian brand Lakme has surprised me with it’s Kohl ultimate. Though a bit steep in price, it’s one of the best eye pencils I have come across. So my vote goes for our Lakme.

It happens with everyone. Though we have good things available in India we always go after imported ones. Being made in a foreign country it’s not necessary that the product is better than it’s Indian counterparts! I have decided from now onwards that my first preference will be our own brands before going to imported ones. Jai Hind!


2 thoughts on “Kajal,Eyeliner and what more?

    • oh that’s bad. I have heard about this duraline but i thought they will add it to only inglot liners at their shop. Anyways i don’t want to prolong my gel eyeliner anymore.

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