Love love Mega Mart!

 Today I went on a shopping spree. What I wanted to buy was a casual top. But thanks to Mega Mart near my place I ended up buying 5 pieces! There was a discount sale, unbelievably good one! I have given the pictures of what I bought. 

There was a brand called IRIS which had some good tee shirts in cool colours. Since I love pink a lot, I decided to buy in pink. Then I  saw the board on top of the rack – Rs. 149 Flat!!!!! I really couldn’t believe my eyes. The tee shirts looked as good as the high end brand ones with good colours and decent prints. I wonder why this brand is given in such a big discount. The price written was 349 INR but they were giving more than 50% discount. I bought three from that brand each for 149 bucks!!!!


Above are the tee shirts I picked up. Normally I  buy size M for most of the brands in western wear but when I tried out the same size I found it a bit tight so I bought the L sized ones. I loved the colours and fabric very much.

After picking up these three I  moved on to the Indian wear section. I found some well known brands like W which are famous for their wonderful designs but pricey.I decided not to go for them since there was no point in buying costly ones since I am poor in taking care of the clothes. So I went towards again the less priced ones. Two kurtas caught my attention, one was in white with light green and lime green prints and  anothe ryellow one with white and pink prints. After comparing both I decided to pick up the one with pink prints. It was 299 INR and I chose a dark pink leggins also for the same price. Both went well and was looking very simple but very comfortable to wear. Unlike the tee shirts the S sized kurta and M sized leggins. 





After paying the bill I went out feeling euphoric for the best deals I  managed to get today….I will definitely visit Mega mart again in the near future.


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