National wide band, our company holiday

This is the first time I  come across something like this. Usually no offices support band and hartals that are conducted against the government. But this time our company declared the band day as company holiday across the country. I don’t like sitting at home like this especially during the  hot summer days. My day starts with an idle mind on weekends and holidays. I sleep late. By late I mean I don’t get up as usual by 5.30am on usual working days. When I think about cooking three times meal itself I feel tired and exhausted. Thank god I have a maid for most of the work now.  

Today as any holiday I got up by 7.30 and was lazing around sipping my coffee. My baby too got up early to my dismay:-( Normally when she sleeps only I get some time to do what I wish to do. Or else she wants me always around her doing the things which she wants me to do. No doubt, I enjoy playing with her and listening to her non-stop chatter but if I plan to do some cooking by myself or go out somewhere doing some special makeup she gets on my nerves. Her favourite timepass is standing infront of the dressing table mirror throwing all the bottles and dabbas here and there, combing her hair looking into the mirror and passing comments on herself as “poppi aayi” by which she means she looks good 🙂 

I took her to my office yesterday. There was a kid’s carnival at our office where lot of employees brought their kids and family along with them. Some events were conducted by the fun clud including ramp walk by the kids with their parents, drawing competition and fun games. But actually the organizers had messed it up with loud music in closed cafeteria where it started irritating my little one. People forced me to participate in the ramp walk with my little daughter who is just 16 months old but as I reached near the stage my kid started screaming by throwing her arms and legs and I took her outside. Two hours later when we reached home I had a very bad headache and I slept in the night as if I was drugged. 

Whenever I sit at home I feel bored. My husband always watches TV and sits on the sofa which is his favourite  activity on weekends and holidays. I always wish to go out to shopping malls and restaurants. My main aim is to watch people and do some window shopping. anyways since band is declared all over the country I don’t think anything like that is possible today…lemme see how I can make my day interesting.


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