Indian Idol 6 begins…

How many of you watch the very famous Indian Idol music talent show on Sony TV? I had been watching regularly from the 1st Indian Idol with lot of interest. This time also, it’s all the same. Thousands of people waiting in queue in scorching sun excitedly to get a chance to be in the show. There’s no shortage for very talented singers in our country and we see lot of such people coming and getting selected for the auditions. But finally when it comes to the gala rounds we see very few of them. I always find that many such singers are eliminated and lesser talented people finally comes forward. How does this happen? I wonder.

Another disgusting thing about all the music competitions in television is that, after filtering from these many people by the top musicians who judge them, the decision for final winners is given to the viewers. When I saw a previous season of Indian idol where Karunya and Sandeep Acharya were contesting against each other, they were class apart in singing. Any day Karunya was a better singer than Sandeep, but finally breaking lot of music lovers’ hearts Sandeep won the title! I had stopped watching Indian after that because I felt it’s pure injustice for such a result in the final round. I doubt the integrity of such shows. Most of the times I have seen the less deserving contestant wins.

Another disturbing thing for me is the craze these kind of shows have injected in youth.Many of them claim that music is their life and they want to do something in music. What they want to do? They can’t do anything to music only music can do something for them. Many of them don’t even bother to take any training even if they want to take music as their career. It looks as if the ultimate aim of the young singers is just to win a title and become famous. But for how long such fame will last? A year or may be two.But what about singing? Most of the winners go down in the quality of singing after winning the title. Why there’s no show promoting Indian classical music? It’s such a sacred and divine art form which can be accomplished only through proper training and hardwork. There’s no shortcut to a good classical musican. 

Ustad Rashid Khan is my most favourite musician, I have been listening to him for over a decade. He was always a wonderful musician but recently only people started recognizing him, the reason being his song becoming a hit in the movie Jab We Met. Before this movie also Rashid Khan was there in music field. Only after singing this particular song the bollywood started recognizing him so much in most of the award functions and TV programmes. I don’t think he’s affected by this instant fame and recognition. Because for such musicians their passion towards music is more than fame and money. They are in music field just because they love music and singing, It gives them peace of mind and lot of pleasure. 

I hope more young singers will be inclined towards classical music and we will be blessed with more and more Sanjeev Abhyankars and Rashid Khans in the new generation…


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