Small things that make me happy

For the past couple of weeks, there’s no work at office. I feel very much bored to sit idle. Ofcourse if interested I can do a lot of other things like updating my technical skills and reading blogs about the company in the official website etc. But I don’t feel interested in anything. Till the time the next project starts this will be the case for me.
I feel like browsing beauty and makeup blogs but I don’t feel free at office to do so.
AT home whenever I browse the internet it’s the beauty and makeup blogs that I read. I was not a makeup addict till one year ago. During my pregnancy and maternity leave I used to read makeup tutorials and became interested gradually. I now think that I should have taken a job as makeup artist instead of an IT professional. It’s really an art to make an otherwise plain face look beautiful. I feel that it’s just like making a beautiful painting  on canvas.
What I love most is smokey eye makeup. I have lot of products which I can use for a smokey eyemakeup but I could never use them effectively. The beauty blog I am addicted to is
http:\\ and their fashion corner http:\\
They have reviews for almost all the brands makeup and cosmetic products. And there are tutorials about how to apply different kinds of makeup. I am very thankful to them for giving me a makeup sense and making me buy lot of products 😐 Though I have spent a fortune, I don’t regret at all. I really enjoy applying makeup, trying out different eye colours and lipsticks. Many of my friends and colleagues and even relatives for that matter think I waste money over silly makeup items.One guy who was my ex-colleague even teased me infront of our other team mates asking whether I will start doing makeup from the time I get up in the morning. But tell me one thing, what’s wrong if I find some pleasure in doing a harmless thing which interests me a lot? Also, there’s some age to try out things. Trying different colours on my eyes and wearing cool outfits I can do only when I am young. When I become old, atleast I won’t regret that I didn’t try out what i wanted to. We live only once, do whatever pleases you if there’s no harm caused to anyone else. And don’t bother what others say. Most importantly, my husband doesn’t stop me from anything I want to do. He’s so sweet in that matter.
Well, how many people agree with me I don’t know. I remember that one of my college mate’s mother who was too religious and naive once advised me that we should live a simple life. She never allowed her daughter to apply lipstick or tie her hair in the way she wanted saying it’s all showing off. That friend of mine didn’t have the freedom even to trim her hair on her wish. I used to feel sorry for my dear friend. I asked her mother the same thing, is it right to make someone deprived of what she wants to do, that too a very small thing. And, not applying lipstick or trying a new hairstyle, how can it decide the simplicity in our lives?That aunty thought of me as a spoilt brat though she didn’t say it on my face. Myfriend continued to keep her desires to herself. But thankfully she got married to a wonderful guy who gives her all freedom. I don’t know what her mother feels when she sees her daughter dressed in jeans and tee shirts with goggles on!
Well, my coffee got finished. Let me get back to the boring technical documents! 😦




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