Last sunday I visited a nearby water theme park with my family and a family in the neighbourhood. We thoroughly enjoyed the day playing in water and going on scary rides. I enjoy the scary rides very much. But always I am confused what dress I should wear in such places. My husband told me to put on a cotton three-fourth pants and tee shirt. I felt very comfortable in the water in that dress. Wherever I go whether it’s shopping malls or theme parks or railway station, I observe the way people dress up especially women. Some orthadox muslim women were in Burqa and I was wondering how they will enjoy in water. But what struck me is the sight of a lady wearing an ankle length nightie!!!! Yes you heard me right, a nightie 😀 There were lot of women wearing saree and salwar kameez etc but I didn’t feel anything odd about it. But how nightie will give comfort to a lady in a theme park!!! Anyways I didn’t stay back to see how she’s going into water with the most misinterpreted outfit of Indian ladies, nightie!!!

Yes, by misinterpreted what I meant is that many south Indian women have made nightie as a uniform which they wear while at home. I even hate the sight of a nightie. The only time I ever wore a nightie is when I gave birth to my baby. It felt comfortable to wear nightie at that time. But I see lot of women around visiting super markets and shops wearing nightie. Also, some of them make it a more formal wear by throwing around a dupatta or towel around the shoulders. The definition of nightie in wordweb software is “Lingerie consisting of a loose dress designed to be worn in bed by women”

Another funny fusion dress that I see is pairing up  a kameez with jeans and wearing a matching dupatta with it. I always wonder what mistake would have the poor salwar committed so that the lady kept it out of her outfit. Some females even enhance their looks with jeans and kurta by wearing a bindi and lot of gold jewellery.

I am not telling that it’s wrong to dress up like this but to me it looks funny. Friday is the best day to find such people who dress up wierdly since most of the companies and offices  consider friday as a casual wear day. 

Not only common people even celebrities dress up in funny outfits at times and get caught by the media always. Though I don’t have anything against people criticizing a person’s outfit and makeup if it’s found inappropriate, I hate it when the media gives lot of importance to celebrities when they appear in public without makeup. It’s true that many celebrities don’t look so glamorous without makeup but what’s the big deal? We all know that makeup is done to enhance one’s beauty and cover up the flaws. Who thinks that a beautiful actress or model will look the same sans makeup. There’s nothing called perfect beauty. And moreover celebrities also have their right to roam around freely. After all they are real people. But these are the price they pay for the fame,money and status they have,right?


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