Nail paints and a beauty to carry them…

We have planned for a visit to my husband’s native place. My father is travelling to my native place. So he told me to buy a small kit for him where he can keep his tooth brush,paste,mouth wash etc while journey. I visited a nearby departmental store for that. My eyes first fell on the makeup and cosmetic counters as usual. There were lakme,colorbar,maybelline,revlon,l’oreal,faces and diana of london. I saw a big tray full of nail polishes from elle18. I just went near to check. I was amused by seeing the different colours especially the bright ones. To say in between I am not a fan of dark colours in nail polishes though i have one or two. I like pastel and neon shades.
The irritating thing in most cosmetic stores is that the SA sounds very pushy. I asked for a red colour and 3-4 SAs came running with different shades in red from different brands.After considering three brands the newly launched Lakme nail paints, elle18 nail pops and colorbar nail enamels I bought not just one but six among which only two are from elle18 and rest from colorbar. I am not a fan of elle18. I have bought their nail pops, They are just 50 bucks but too watery to give an even finish. But no doubt that they are attractively packed in cute tiny bottles and available in many attractive shades. I bought a yellow shade which has the code 49 and a pinkish orange one with the code 51. Below I have given the photo of nail pops by Elle18


The reason why I bought Elle18 yellow is that I don’t know how the will look on my nails. Even the peach like pink looks a bit bright. However the Colorbar ones are all fluorescent shades but I totally fell in love with them.

Here are they Sizzling Pink(88) on left and Apple Martini(06) on the right


The other two shades in colorbar nail enamels below are Exclusive(46) and Turquoise(88)


I love the colorbar I-glide pencils, similarly I fell in love with their nail enamels too. I hope they will not disappoint me.

But here comes the queen of the day!


This purse costed me INR165/-. Don’t you think it’s a good purchase. I feel it’s wonderful. I loved the cute red and white combination and the beautiful design. I am sure that it will carry my daily makeup items safely.

And last but not the least, I bought one kit for my father too. But it’s not worth mentioning. The same old boring grey stuff which men use. I think as women, we are very lucky to enjoy so many colorful things in life. Guys don’t have this right????


3 thoughts on “Nail paints and a beauty to carry them…

    • Ofcourse sherin to start with I applied the red color that is the shade exclusive of colorbar nail enamel. The SA in the eagerness to sell the prodcuct had claimed that it will stay without chipping for 3 weeks! he he. Anyone will find it a bit hypothetical. I don’t know about the high end brands. Anyways for two days there was very minimal chipping only. And to tell u the truth it’s so nice in texture and finish that I loved the nail paint so much. Unfortunately I couldn’t click any snaps:-(

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