My first buy from Inglot

Yes, after many suggestions from friends and reading so many reviews I decided to buy the famous duraline, the magical liquid from Inglot. Last weekend I visited Express Avenue Mall in Chennai with my family. My baby was with me and I just barged into the Inglot outlet where I saw so many products in different shades. I controlled the temptation and just asked for only the duraline. I expected a medium sized bottle but what I got just startled me! It was a tiny packet white in color with a more tiny bottle with clear liquid. The quantity is just 9 ml and cost is 490INR. I felt it’s too much but I was wrong!

I had a stubborn gel eyeliner from L’oreal which made me want to buy the duraline. Infact whoever buys the gel liner from loreal will want a duraline to melt it at some point of time since it becomes dry after a couple of months. I don’t know about other brands.

Below are the pictures of duraline





As you can see there’s a dropper with a round tip that helps to control the flow of the liquid. I just used one drop in my gel eyeliner after scraping little bit of it with the brush, to my surprise it suddenly became a liquid.

I have read in various blogs that we can use duraline for converting eyeshadows and pigments to liquid liners. I am yet to experiment that. Unfortunately I couldn’t click any photos of my stubborn liner melted to a liquid liner by adding duraline. But I have given photos below, of my eyes wearing the gel liquid liner 🙂 Sorry, that my eyes are not very beautiful and I have shaky hands which is evident from the photos.

To conclude, whoever is bothered by the drying gel liners and hardening powder eyeshadows can go for duraline. It’s just a wonderful liquid with which we can make our own liquid liners. The only thing to remember is that as soon the liquid liner is made adding duraline, it’s to be applied immediately. It gives good staying power also to the liners and to take it out we have to use a proper makeup remover. I don’t have one, so I use baby oil or coconut oil and wipe the makeup with cotton or cloth. My liner remained for more than 8 hours with minimal fading but no smudging at all. Also, the liner was still waterproof.

So friends, let’s have fun playing around with lot of colors using duraline. Next time I would like to try different products by inglot because I am very much impressed with this magical product.

Here is my eye pictures I didnt want anyone to leave the page seeing my snaps while reading the post ;-P So i added it at the end.


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