Shasmooth Almond Undereye Cream Review

I have already used Shahnaz Husain’s under eye serum before since I have very much dar circles around my eyes. It may be because of lack of proper sleep and using the computers for long hours.  I find the products of Shahnaz Husain very expensive but the under eye serum really worked for me. Around two months of application, my dark circles were reduced considerably. That’s when I started believing in undereye care products. After the serum was finished, I thought of trying other lesser costly products. I tried both Biotique sea weed under eye cream and VLCC one but both disappointed me!

So this time when I wanted to buy again an undereye treatment product I considered buying my oldie again rather than buying a new product and experimenting. I headed to the near by cosmetic store having this in my mind. But to my disappointment I didn’t get the serum from there though they have a pretty good collection of Shahnaz Husain products.

The only under eye treatment product they had in the same brand was Shasmooth Almond Under eye cream so I decided to give it a try. As expected this was also expensive. Net wt 40g and price INR 500.

As usual, this product from Shahnaz Husain also has attractive packing as you can see in the picture below.

Shahsmooth Under eye cream

It has a shelf life of 3 yrs. The ingredients and directions of use are given on the outer pack.

Ingredients and directions for use

Unlike the under eye serum this cream has to be wiped off once we apply and keep it for 15 minutes. The real effect will be known only over a period of regular use so I cant comment on it.

The packing is very sturdy and attractive in a beautiful glass jar. This is something I love about Shahnaz Husain products.

This is how it looks when we open the packet

The product inside glass jar

Now let’s see how the product looks. It is a thick white cream which reminds me of my bleach. It doesn’t have any particular fragrance just a faint medicinal smell which didn’t impress me.

The cream inside the jar

This is how it looks on the back of my hand.

On the back of my hand

The cream melts like dream after applying. But it leaves some oily feel on the skin. When I applied it around my eyes it looked as if I have applied oil around my eyes.

The cream feels smooth and melts while application

As I told I can tell about the effect of the cream on my dark circles only after some time. But I have a solid trust in Shahnaz Husain products. I believe they are really genuine and serves the purpose well. Otherwise the production would have been stopped long time back itself with their heavily priced products. Anyways I have summed up the pros and cons of this product below


1. The attractive packing

2. Smooth texture

3. Melts into the skin fast

4. It doesn’t irritate the under eye area after application.


1. Medicine like smell

2. Oily feel after application. I prefer the products to be non-greasy


So if this cream is not working well for me I will definitely move back to the under eye serum but that’s something which I have to wait and watch.


5 thoughts on “Shasmooth Almond Undereye Cream Review

  1. hey…i dnt prefr u goin fr oriflame.i think u shud stick on to shahnaz itself coz its ayurveda.
    Frnd, im using dz shasmooth and after using this fr few days, i noticed that my skin around my eyes became supple and im believe that if i use this product continously, i can gt rid of fine lines around my eyes.:-)
    N also im thanking u fr informing about the benefits of shanaz products..

    • Hi Sneha, thanks a lot for reading my blog and giving your valuable comment. I have used the Shahnaz Husain under eye serum earlier and it gave remarkable improvement in the under eye area within around one month of daily application. however, I didnt find the same effect in this cream. In fact I didn’t notice much chage at all.

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