Colorbar Single Eyeshadow Green Stroke Review

Colorbar cosmetics is a brand that has always impressed me. The first product I bought from them is a lipstick,5 years ago, which I used daily till it crossed the expiry date. I bought it at a time when Colorbar was not a popular brand in India. At that time colorbar brand itself was not available that much in Chennai.
Nowadays I see lot of people raving about the makeup products from colorbar. Now I have a few products in my kitty from the beloved brand – I-glide pencils in Cocoabar and Jaded, a lip gloss,beautiful nail paints and a dual sharpner. All of them are really good except the lipgloss. I am not a person who love glossy lips, I just bought it out of curiousity.
Now I was searching for a dark green eye shadow, something like olive green. I had seen the shade 418 in Inglot Freedom System eyeshadows  but since I am a  beginner in makeup ventures I didn’t want to buy something expensive.
As I was buying my shasmooth Almond undereye cream I saw counters of faces,colorbar etc in the shop and just paid a visit. The problem with most of the cosmetic stores in chennai including the Health and glow chain is that the SAs are very pushy. They try their best to convince us to buy a product even if we are not interested. I first approached the faces counter. I wanted eyeshadow in matte finish. The SA showed me the i-shine palette but the shadows were very shimmery so I didn’t go for them. Then she showed mono eyeshadows too but it seemed like faces don’t manufacture matte finish eyeshadows. She was still trying to make me buy something from the brand by showing sparkler pigments. I told her that the name itself suggests that it’s sparklers. She was telling “No mam, even if the name is like that it’s matte only” I got really irritated and I moved away from there. SA gave me a dirty look which I avoided. I went to my favourite brand colorbar. The SA showed me a trio with 3 shades of green but it costed INR 500 so I thought to avoid it. I wanted the eyeshadow to practise as a beginner in makeup. I opted for the mono eyeshadow from Colorbar which has a pearly finish rather than a shimmery look. I liked the shade better than FACES eyeshadows

Colorbar Eyeshadow Green stroke(Without Flash)

With Flash

The eyeshadow comes packed in a tiny silver box with a round transparent film on top of the cover so that we can easily see the color of the eyeshadow in the pack without opening it.

Nt wt :3g Price: 250 INR (I got it for 15% discount)

Shelf ife of the products is 3yrs. The ingredients list is not listed.

The details on the back of the cover

On the backside of the packet they have mentioned that the contents are made in Italy.

The eyeshadow comes in a cute tiny round box with a transparent cover. It’s really well packed.

The eyeshadow case

Eyeshadow with flash

Eyeshadow without flash

The color is a beautiful green neither too dark nor too light. The finish is not shimmery it’s just a pearly finish which is what I really wanted.

swatch in flash

swatch without flash

I don’t know why the swatch is not looking so good. When I see in my camera it looks good but when I transfer it, the photo looks blurred. Anyways I have given photos of the product applied on my lids as well. Sorry that I didn’t prime my lids and they look too oily, but you can see the how rich is the color payoff and how sublte is the shade. It surely stays for 4-5 hours without a primer. So with primer it may stay for 6-7 hours atleast.

The eyeshadow applied on my lids

My eyes with the shadow, the liner used is Colorbar I-glide pencil in Jaded

Overall, this is a very good product excellent for both day and night outs. Again, colorbar has impressed me with another product.

So the final verdict.

Pros :

  • Pretty shade
  • Good pigmentation
  • Suitable for day and night outs
  • Inexpensive
  • Sturdy Packing
  • Good staying power


  • No ingredients mentioned
  • No applicator available
  • Availability can be an issue since Colorbar is not a common brand which many cosmetic stores have

Overall rating 4/5!

I will surely buy it again but in different shades. I want to checkout their trios too once I become an expert in eye makeup.







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