My recent shopping spree

Hey I did it again! As I have told earlier, I love shopping any girlie items! Recently I happen to visit a near by acessories shop in hurry and regretted it. Because the shop had lots of accessories of my taste,nail polishes and other cosmetic items. So this time I took a little bit more free time and visited them.They really have a fantastic collection. I bought some earrings,bangles and nail polishes. Just clubbing things from my last shopping spree with this.

Enjoy the pics…

My earrings- all are silver finish since I don’t buy golden coloured one. For that purpose I wear real gold ones

Again them!

Now a closer look at my favourite pair of rings among these

This has gold n silver finish

Silver finish ones

Now my bangles, I had been eyeing the antique finish bangles for a long time. It was available in the shop inside out office complex but they were big for my arms. I have always faced this problem with bangles. I want to wear lots of variety but my arms are too thin and most of the thick bangles don’t look good on them. 😦

The anique gold bangles with a wooden bangle in between

Black metal ones

These are fibre ones with a copper finish

Mixed coloured metal bangles

My colorbar and elle18  nail polishes from my earlier shopping and current lakme ones.

I love the neon color nail paints which are in trend now

I bought a clutcher too.

Black Clutcher


I spent a lot of money this time. So avoiding purchases for sometime now. Since our house will be ready by december we have to save lot of money so that we can do furnishing nicely in our new home 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post. And by the way if anyone knows good accessory shops in Chennai please let me know. May be after a few months I will again go for an accessory shopping since I am planning to have a completely new set now.

Have a nice Sunday!












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