The best Kohl I ever used…

For a long time I had been searching for a good kohl. I tried lot of brands like lakme, the first brand every Indian woman tries, lotus, VLCC, revlon eyeliner pencil, Elle18 etc but they are all just kajals. I wanted a good smudge proof and water proof kohl with the darkest black color.I had been contemplating buying maybelline colossal kajal. One of my colleagues bought it and I was not convinced. So I decided to go for a better one which most of the beauty bloggers use in smokey eye looks – the lakme absolute Kohl ultimate. The price is steep for an Indian brand – 650INR! And the pencil looks little bit wierd due to the smudger and sharpner attached to it which makes it longer than usual eye pencils. But after reading so many positive reviews I decided to buy it.

Always the cosmetic and beauty stores tempt me to buy more than what I actually thought of. So when we visited Express Avenue mall I just entered the Health and Glow outlet without looking at any other counter and directly went to lakme one, and asked for the kohl ultimate. She immediately handed me a fresh piece and before she could do any canvassing I ran to the billing counter to pay and left in hurry after paying the bill! I actually breathed only when I came out of the shop 😀 Once I came home I took the pencil out so lovingly from my bag and was confused to see so may place whcih can be opened. Initially anyone will get confused to know where to open for what like me. Lols 😀

Now coming to our star attraction, as I told already it has a wierd shape and unusual length.But the look is so classy with black color and silver coloured letters on it.

Price 650INR for 1.2 g. Shelf life is 2 yrs. There’s no ingredients list on the pencil.

Lakme absolute Kohl Ultimate

Claims by the company


The pencil

The smudger tip with transparent cap

The smudger tip

It didn’t disappoint me at all though I think it’s over priced. The kohl is so creamy and glides smoothly along the waterline as well as the lids. It’s the richest black I have ever come across and lives upto the claim of being smudge and water proof. It doesn’t have any glittery or shimmery finish, it’s absolutely matte which I like.

It stays on my lids and waterline throughout the day without the slightest irritation or discomfort even if I wash my face or I rub my eyes or the worse and the usual thing – I sweat a lot!

The color pay off is so good that it can put any other kajal to shame.:-P

Swatch without flash


Swatch with flash

One problem I felt is that it’s difficult to remove it once I come back from office. I have to apply coconut oil and rub a couple of times to take it off after which I find strain in my eyes. May be people who use good eye makeup remover won’t face this issue. The smudger is really a useless one and so is the sharpner. I use my colorbar sharpner to sharpen this pencil. Another problem with this pencil is that due to it’s creamy texture it needs to be sharpened daily to use it with ease. Within 2 months my pencil reduced in it’s size which you can see in the picture. It will be finished in one more month I guess. But I like it that way since I get bored using the same product for a long time. From the above photos that I already have used around half of the product, and I think it will get over within a month or so. If you are a daily user, then this kohl won’t last more than 3-4 months for you.

My eyes after applying the kohl for around 3-4 hours and lot of sweating. You can see that my skin has already become oily but the kohl remains intact!

I have applied the kohl on my waterline in these pictures. I have applied Faces long wear eye pencil in Blue color on my upper lids, that’s another product I want to shout about!

Anyways, now the conclusion.


1.Very creamy and smooth

2. Doesn’t smudge or get washed away in water or sweat

3. Doesn’t irritate the eys even on waterline

4. The best pigmentation ever!

5. Long lasting easily for around 6-7 hours after which it may fade little bit but not much.

6.Comes with a smudger and sharpner though they are not of much use 😀

7. Easily available in all cosmetic stores.


1. Expensive

2. The product gets finished very fast

3. Has to sharpen on a daily basis which makes the product prone to wastage

4. Difficult to remove even from the waterline. Have to use oil or eye makeup remover

5. Wierd shape

6. No ingredients listed.

After this I am planning to buy maybelline colossal kajal and see whether it can replace kohl ultimate in my heart! I wouldn’t mind re-purchasing kohl ultimate any number of times. It’s really an excellent product that any lady will love to have in their daily makeup. I will give it a rating of 4 out of 5 🙂


3 thoughts on “The best Kohl I ever used…

  1. I agree with you. Has to be sharpened daily because of which it finishes very soon. And for a poor college student like me, 675 is just too steep.
    Can you suggest some alternatives? Please give some suggestions.Have you tried faces solid black? It’s got good reviews.
    I’ve also heard good reviews about Colorbar I glide blackout,but is it safe to be used on the waterline?

    • Hi Nandini, thanks for visiting my blog. The only equivalent alternative I can suggest is lakme eyeconic kajal which is just 199 bucks, I heard it is as good as kohl ultimate. I too have colorbar blackout but last time when I wore it on my waterline I noticed a strain in the eyes as well as I got a bad headache too after sometime. Its very good for the lash line though.

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