Colorbar I-Glide Pencils – the best!

I am totally in love with the brand – Colorbar. I have already reviewed their Eyeshadow – green stroke. I don’t know why they are not in the high-end side despite being superior in quality. The first eye pencil I bought from them is the Cocoabar shade which is a dark matte brown. It has become my staple eyeliner for the upper lids whenever I don’t want any intense color on my eyes.  Being impressed with it, I bought the shade Jaded too but I didn’t notice that it was a shimmery green when the SA gave me the swatch. It’s neither teal or olive but a bright forest green which is not a bad shade at all. But I had expected a black mixed green so a bit disappointed with my buy. No problem, I use it also regularly on my upper lids. Then my one friend gave me a website link showing the shade Prunella, which is a beautiful Purple shade which is of matte finish. I bought that one too and was very much impressed by it.So let me show you all the three eye pencils together. They come in a silver box which is the same style of packing by Colorbar for all it’s products. Sorry for not including that picture.

The eye pencils

What colorbar claims :

  • Extremely soft and outstanding smooth formula almost like a liquid liner.
  • Easy to blend shortly after application.
  • Waterproof, super long wear, no transfer and smudge proof.

I  can say that all these claims are true along with another that the pigmentation is fantastic.

The three shades

The tips


The complete ingredient list is given on the cover but I am lazy to type all those! Lolz 😀

Swatch on paper, just for fun!

Shelf life is 3 yrs. Price 399INR for 1.1g.

The pencils are not very long like from MAC or other brands but not very short also. One thing I noticed is that they have to be sharpened after every use since it gets used up very quickly due to it’s creamy texture

Now the swatches

With flash

Without flash

I will definitely give this a rating of 4.5 but 0.5 reduced for the product wastage while sharpening. Anyways for me I like my makeup products to finish fast rather than getting expired before getting used up fully.



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