My comfort food – Gobi Manjurian

What’s your comfort food? For me the food itself is comfort. I love food very much, especially spicy one. I love Chilly Chicken Dry and combined with Nan, I don’t need anything else for being happy. Whenever I go to some restaurant I always order some kind of Indian bread with chineese style chicken dish. Sometimes, some waiters try to enlighten me by saying that it’s not a good combination, but I just laugh it off thinking “Arre, if I like to eat that what’s your problem?”

In our office campus there is a food court and earlier there was non-vegetarian food available there, but recently the management stopped it. So my favorite chilly chicken dry is not available in the chineese food outlet anymore. I compensate by ordering gobi manjurian dry from there 😛

Last day I tried to make the same at home and it turned out well. I made a batter of the chilly chicken masala available in market mixed with maida and corn flour. Dipped the gobi florets in it and deep fried in oil.


Fried Gobi

Then I chopped onions,ginger,garlic and slit green chillies and fried in oil. Added a little bit of ajinomoto in it and keeping the flame high added soya and tomato sauce mixed with vinegar and sauted well. Then reducing the flame I fried gobi and mixed well adding chopped corriander leaves. So  easy and delicious!

Final product

If you have some easy and tasty food recipes like this, you can share with me 🙂




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