Revlon Touch and Glow Intense Mattifying Cream – A Multitasker

I have been trying to get my hands on this cream for a long  time but it was not available in any departmental stores or super market near by my house. Finally when I got a chance to visit the Health and Glow outlet  I got th is one. The SA tried to make me buy Vichy’s product which was much higer in price but I was determined not to buy any other one.

The main reason I wanted to buy this cream is that it acts as a g ood primer for the makeup and creates a matte finish without making the skin breakout or feel oily like many other creams.

The claims

I don’t know why the above photo comes like this. I had kept the picture straight but in the post it’s again roated : -( Sorry for that. I hope the writings are still readable.

I loved the packing and look of the tube. Lovely combination of white with different shades of pink. Unlike other products from Revlon I find this cream quite affordable. 195INR for 40g 

Shelf life : 3yrs

The cream works like this :

The cream works like this(Sorry for the roated picture)

I loved the fragrance of this cream. It smells pleasant unlike many other moisturizers which smell like medicines.

The cream is thick but smooth. It doesn’t dry on the skin. It’s easily blendable and produces a matte finish. It makes the skin glow giving an instant fairness. It didn’t irritate my skin at all or give any oily feel.

Complete list of Ingredients

The tube

The opening

Cream on the back of my hand


The good and the bad now

Pros :

  • Lives up to the claims
  • Not expensive
  • No greasy feel
  • Gives fairness glow to the skin
  • Acts as a good primer
  • Moisturizes the skin

Cons :

  • Not available easily
  • Contains paraben which I heard is a cause for pre-mature aging of the skin

I love this cream despite the cons and will be buying it again once this one finishes.

I will easily give this a rating of  4 out of 5 .


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