Drooling over….

I have  recently found fascination for nail paints. That too, neon shades mostly. One visit to a near by departmental store attracted me towards their baskets full of nail paints from different brands. Yellows, Purples, Blue, Green, Red, Pink, what not! I decided to try this out seeing all those poppy colours and viola!

I am not reviewing any products here. Just posting the pictures( some of the shades I wear) for you to enjoy.

I keep all my nail paints inside a Quality Walls Ice cream box which is made of plastic. I robbed it from the kitchen to keep my beauties safely though everything doesn’t fit into it. Atleast I know where all my nail paints are.

My 15 beauties!

I have Maybelline Colorama nail paints,Envy Nail Colors, Colorbar Nail Laquers, Elle 18 Nail pops, Lakme Colorcrush truewear nail paints and Avon Nail Wear Pro nail paints or polishes in my kitty. I am posting photos of them as well as some of them on my nails.

White, peach,pink,orangeand yellow  :

Maybelline Colorama – Perala, Envy – Grand Canyon(51), Colorbar – Sizzling Pink(24), Lakme Colorcrush – shade 07, Elle 18 – shade 49

The blues and purple:

Maybelline Colorama – Marinho, Colorbar – Turquoise(88), Lakme Color Crush – shade 13 and shade 02

The reds:

Avon – Tangtastic, Elle18 -shade 51, Colorbar – Exclusive(46)

The greens:

Avon – Sweet Mint, Colorbar – Green Apple Martini(06),Envy – Cuckoo for you(029)

Now some of them on my nails…

Envy – cuckoo for you

Colorbar – Turquoise

Envy – Grand Canyon

Lakme Colorcrush – Shade 02

Colorbar – Sizzling Pink

Avon Tangtastic

Avon -Tangtastic

Hope you liked these pictures. What are your favourite shades in nail paints?


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