My cute little ones….

As it is very famous, I love eyeshadows. I was searching for a perfect green and a perfect plum color but till now I didn’t manage to get  completely satisfying shades of these two. However, I have not tried my luck with big shots like MAC or Inglot so I can’t comment authoritatively on the availability of the exact shades what I have in my mind.

I found  not so bad, in fact some good shades with L’oreal Paris and Colorbar. I really love colorbar since their products are really inexpensive and always upto the mark. However many makeup addicts may argue on their staying power though. I had a perception about L’oreal that all their products are expensive but when I came to know about their infallible eyeshadows, I couldn’t stop myself from trying out those. So altogether I bought four, two from colorbar and two from L’oreal. I would like to share my opinion on both here.


Colorbar Eyeshadows – 3g for some at 250 INR and some at 300 INR, It really depends on your luck about what you want to buy!

L’oreal Paris Infallible Eyeshadows – 3.5g 450 INR

I bought Colorbar Green Stroke  and Expensive pink. Out of these I think expensive pink is more smooth and pigmented compared to Green stroke. The colorbar eyeshadows come in cute tiny round boxes which can be opened at two levels. The top portion contains eyeshadow whereas the bottom one contains a mirror and a curved applicator. The applicator looks wierd and is of no use. I use my normal eyeshadow brush for application. They are of pearl finish and blends smoothly. However, they seem to fade a little bit within 2-3 hours of application, when not using a primer, may be because I have oily lids.

Expensive Pink and Green Stroke from Colorbar

There is no fallout for both of these colours. Pigmentation is good. But I have complaints about the packing. Sometimes I find myself struggling to open the eyeshadow portion if by mistake I opened the mirror portion since the box is so tiny. I feel that the bottom portion with mirror and applicator was completely unnecessary.

Expensive Pink and Green Stroke from Colorbar

The mirror and applicator at the bottom portion

Colorbar – Expensive Pink

Colorbar – Green Stroke

The swatches

In comparison with the Colorbar ones, I don’t have any complaints about the L’oreal Paris Infallible eyeshadows. I bought the shades Burning black and Endless Chocolat. Burning black is a black eyeshadow with a plummish glow. But after application plum shade dominates black, when I took photos it looks more like a plum or purple shade rather than black. Endless Chocolat is a dark brown color which I use almost daily in my makeup.They are really awesome with velvetty powder finish. Very smooth, highly pigmented and easy to blend. The staying power is around 6-7 hours without a primer. The packing is really wise. They come with a lid inside the glass jar which provides tight packing.

L’oreal Burning Black and Endless Chocolat

The lid inside the jar

Burning Black and Endless Chocolat

Burning Black

Endless Chocolat

The swatches

The l’oreal eyeshadows come without an applicator but I don’t think it will be a problem since people hardly use the applicator comes with the eyeshadows. Brushes are better to apply the eyeshadows effectively compared to the applicators many brands provide with their eyeshadows.

I recommend all the 4 products to people who love eye colors, though I would be partial towards L’oreal ones for their quality and staying power. So rating now,

Colorbar eyeshadows:

Expensive pink – 4/5

Colorbar Greenstroke – 3.8/5

L’oreal Paris Infallible eyeshadows:

Both Burning Black and Endless Chocolat can have 4.5 out of 5!


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