Banjara’s Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel – Wonder Product!

I read a lot about Aloe Vera Gels which are Holy Grail products for moisturizing the skin and decided it’s high time that I got myself one. So there I am at the cosmetic division of the near by supermarket and take this wonder product inside a big tube. The price is also amazing – 85 INR for 100g!

It comes in a simple flip open tube which is the most convenient and hygienic to use. I am in no favour of products which tub or jar since I have to put my hands inside and take the product out and also the whole product gets exposed to the outside world! So let me tell you how I loved this product.

Banjara’s Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel

Since the container tube is not fully transparent we cannot see how much product is left.

What the company says about this product

Key ingredients

This product has a shelf life of 3 years from the date of manufacture.They say how this Aloe Vera Gel is different from other similar products. I can’t comment on that since this is the first ever aloe vera gel I am using.

Directions for use

Here comes the opening of the tube used to dispense the product effectively.

Opening of the tube

The product is a clear gel very soft and smooth and not at all thick in consistency.It has a pleasant smell, nothing which I can’t tolerate. As soon as I apply on my face it melts into a watery form making it easy to blend and apply all over the face. You might have noticed the directions for usage but I don’t follow that since I hate instructions. I use it only in the night while sleeping as a night cream. It doesn’t leave a greasy feel. It feels just like I have applied water on my face but keep my face moisturized till morning. It’s absorbed fully by the skin and I don’t feel that I am wearing something on my face, a comfort which I don’t feel with other moisturizing lotions or creams.

The gel on my hand

The gel melts into watery form

Gel absorbed into the skin

I don’t find any cons for this product but since I am strict about rating, I will give it 4 out of 5. One point reduced for the packing for not being transparent and for the faint smell, though it’s pleasant. I feel it should not have any smell at all since it may attract mosquitos! he he just kidding.

Will I repurchase it again? – Ofcourse I will, it’s really a good moisturizer and is decently priced.


7 thoughts on “Banjara’s Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel – Wonder Product!

  1. Nisha……. ur blog looks super duper now… rock on… me too thinking of buying aloe vera gel.. its like a fix-all remedy for everything u know..
    take care

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