My blushes

Until recently I was not too keen on blushes. It was a part of makeup that I never gave much attention. But I happened to see a photo of Aishwarya Rai in a magazine wearing a special colour of peach on her cheeks that caught my attention. Later I found myself browsing more about blushes and different shades on the internet and got to know more about this wonder product. They are a boon for people like me who don’t have naturally high cheek bones.

I  had been using Lakme Cheek artist in Peach blush for a long time but didn’t bother to buy any other color. It gave a subtle color on my cheeks and I was happy about it. But once I started seeing blushes from a different angle and started understanding their importance in makeup I ended up buying a few more.

I am just sharing the pictures of my blushes here with you.

My blushes

I have four of them!

Lakme Cheek Artist – Peach blush( Rs.395 for 6g)

Avon True Color Blush – Mad about Mauve(Rs. 399 for 6.23g)

Faces Glam on Cream Blush- Peach Glow(Rs. 299 for 8g)

Colorbar – Hidden Secrets(Rs. 300 for 6g)

Lakme Cheek artist – Peach Blush


Faces Glam on Cream Blush – Peach Glow

Colorbar – Hidden Secrets


Avon – Mad about Mauve

Among these my personal favourites are Lakme and Faces. Both of them give subtle glow and have good pigmentation. They have nice pearly finish but nothing OTT. The other two are complete disappointment! They are hard to apply and the colorbar one cheated me without showing it’s glittery part while I swatched it at the store. At home I realised that it’s something more than what I thought and I cannot wear it for the day time because of it’s glitters. The Avon blush, on contrary to the reviews I read about it, is very hard to apply.It’s the only matte finish blush I have but it doesn’t simply budge however hard I swipe the brush on it!

So here are the swatches

From the left, Peach Blush, Mad about Mauve, Peach Glow and Hidden Secrets (Without flash)

From the left, Peach Blush, Mad about Mauve, Peach Glow and Hidden Secrets (With flash)

I would recommend Lakme Cheek artist as well as Faces Glam on blush to anyone but the other two -please think twice!




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