Fab India Tea Tree Dandruff Control shampoo

I have very bad dfandruff in my hairs. I tried so many shampoos but the chemicals have really damaged my hair. Due to the pollution and humidity my scalp itches a lot. It’s then one of my friends suggested this shampoo to me. The last time I visited Fab India store in Express Avenue mall I bought this one.

The packaging is very attractive and simple. I like the pale green colour of the bottle. The bottle is really strong and travel friendly. We can press open the cap at one side to get the shampoo.

Fab India Tea Tree Dandruff Control Shampoo

Cap of the bottle

The price of this shampoo is also not very high compared to brands like TBH, L’octane etc.  250 INR for 250 ml. It has a shelf life of 3 years.


The shampoo has a faint smell which is not one of my favourite I should say. It smells like lemon mixed with something else. The colour of the shampoo is the same as that of the bottle.