Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion Review with Experiment

Hi Friends, I heard a lot about this cleansing lotion through other blogs which I follow and decided to give it a try. I found it available in most of the medical stores but I hadn’t heard of this product before I stumbled upon it in blogs. However I was fooled by the first pharmacist and he handed over me the moisturizing lotion first instead of the cleansing lotion saying it’s all the same. I believed him and bought it too! Poor me. Both bottles looked alike so I trusted that person.However I realized my mistake so soon and bought the actual one soon.

Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion

The lotion comes in a white plastic bottle which looks decent. It looks more like a medical product rather than a cosmetic one. The packaging is good and travel friendly with a flip open cap which I like the most in the products.

Opening of the bottle


The lotion has a shelf life of 2 years and it’s mentioned on the bottle that it’s for sensitive skin. I am not a person who has sensitive skin and I thank GOD for that. I was thinking of this lotion as a good makeup remover and that was the main reason I was looking for this one.

Ingredients list


The storage instruction says that it should be stored in a temperature not more than 25 degree C which makes it clear than in a hot place like Chennai it cannot find a better place other than the refrigerator.
The price is not at all an issue since it’s decently priced at 135 INR for 125ml.

The lotion is a white semi transparent liquid of thick consistency.

The lotion on my palm


However I have mixed reactions about this product. It is not suitable for oily skin since it causes an oily feel on the skin. This one will suit dry skinned people the most. To my disappointment, it doesn’t work well as a makeup remover  especially for waterproof makeup. Please see the experiment I have done below.
I swatched Revlon eyeliner pencil in black which is not a waterproof eye liner and Colorbar I-glide pencil in the shade Jaded which is an excellent waterproof eyeliner.

Swatches : Colorbar Jaded and Revlon Eyeliner Black


I tried the Cetaphil cleansing lotion first on my Revlon liner as you can see in the pictures. I rubbed on the lotion on the swatch 2-3 times and wiped off with cotton. The liner swatch was erased almost fully by the lotion.


The cleansing lotion applied on revlon liner(non-waterproof)

Rubbed well on the liner

wiped away


I experimented the same with Colorbar I-glide pencil but the result was much different. The liner just hesitated to budge though it got faded little bit but didn’t get erased at all. The same I noticed when I used my L’oreal gel liner on my upper lash line. This proves the reliability of waterproof liners I have as well as the lesser efficiency of Cetaphil cleansing lotion to remove  waterproof makeup.

Lotion applied on Jaded(Waterproof)

Rubbed on the liner

Wiped away, but the waterproof liner remains


So here I am summing up the pros and cons.

The good :
1. Good for sensitive skin and cleansing on a daily basis
2. Pocket friendly
3. Travel friendly packing
4. Doesn’t cause the skin to dry after cleansing the face
5. Easily available in drug stores
The bad :
1. Medicinal smell
2. Not good in removing the waterproof makeup
3. Not good for oily skin
I will give this product a rating of  3.5 out of 5.
Will I purchase this again? Hmmm…. I have to think twice about this. I don’t think I myself will be buying this one again since I have more efficient ways to remove my makeup and we have lot of other good cleansing lotions available in the market.


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