Colorbar Eyeshadow Gorgeous Gold Review

I was looking for a face highlighter and visited a cosmetic store for the same. I always go to the Colorbar Cosmetics counter first as it’s a brand which I like a lot. I have two gorgeous eyeshadows from them as well as some beautiful nail paints which have impressed me to the core. I was looking for a bright colored blush initially but then the SA introduced me to this eyeshadow which she claimed can act as as a highlighter too. I later found that she was speaking the truth only.
It comes in the usual Colorbar mercury coloured  paper box with black letters on it. Price is awesome 250 INR for 3g.
It has a shelf life of 3 years.
The shade Gorgeous Gold is a golden pale yellow. The shimmer is not OTT and blends amazingly well in my skin. I wonder how it looks on my eyes but have not yet tried that.
I use it as a face highlighter on the bridge of my nose and over my cheekbones on top of the blush. It really works well that way. It stays for a good long time of 5-6 hours with minimal fading. May be it will last long if you apply a primer.
The pigmentation is superrrrbbb!!!. There is only minimal creasing. Overall it’s a very good multipurpose product which is really a treasure in my makeup kit.
 The only problem I faced with this is that that when I reached home from the shop after the purchase and eagerly opened, the product was all broken and cracked which will cause loss of a good amount 😦 I didn’t check properly at the shop and feeling guilty for it now:-(
Here I have given photos of the product on my cheeks and you can see how well it serves the purpose.
I can easily give a rating of 4 out of 5 and I have reduced one mark for the breakage inside the box. But I am sure that I will still use it as much as possible since I have fallen in love with it already.
What is your favorite Colorbar product ?
Do you use a highlighter?
Feel free to comment!
Have a good day 🙂

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