Maybelline ColorSensational Lipsticks-Nearly There, Yummy Plummy and Totally Toffee-Swatches and review

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Gone are the days of limited shades in lipsticks, like maroon and red ! Now it’s the time for colors! Nudes, Bright pinks, deep reds, corals, peaches and what not! I don’t even think about me wearing a dark maroon color lipstick. I feel less is more on my lips. So I love subtle MLBB shades that don’t make my lips part of another face. 


I have lipsticks from a couple of brands but I don’t have more than one from any other brand apart from Maybelline. Though I hate their eye shadows I love their ColorSensational lipsticks. They are really pretty and appropriate for daily wear. I had My Mahagony shade which I have used for nearly two years daily. Yes I mean daily! Unfortunately I carelessly broke it when it was almost finished and threw away, so that is not included here. 😦 But it was the best nude lipstick shade I have ever used, for my complexion. However, what’s gone is gone. If possible I will repurchase it. 🙂


The price is a good factor since they cost just 299 INR and has a shelf life of 2.5yrs.


The three lippies – Nearly there, Yummy Plummy and Totally Toffee.


Totally toffee and Nearly there are brown shades basically. Nearly There is really a lipstick shade which tells I am nearly there, It has some shimmer whereas Totally Toffee is a creamy brown.Yummy Plummy is a plummish Pink

See the swatches below for the shades.


I was a little bit disappointed with Nearly There shade since it just gives my lips a shimmery finish without giving much color. It is slightly harder compared to the other two shades which are really creamy. But none of them is hard to apply. They apply smoothly on the lips without any hard work.

 I was a bit shocked with Totally Toffee since in the first application itself it broke! I didn’t face this problem with other shades though I have been using them regularly.


The staying power is a problem with the Maybelline lipsticks that it stays for around 3-4 hours if we don’t eat or drink anything in between. It fades away within 3-4 hours even if we didn’t use our mouth for anything else apart from talking.:-( May be because the creamy property of these lipsticks cause this problem since it transfers to tea cups or glasses while I drink any beverages after applying them, that too fully!

  So to sum up the pros and cons


The Good:

 1. Good shades.

2. Creamy and easy to apply.

3. Doesn’t dry the lips.

4. Inexpensive.

5. Easily available.


The bad:

 1. Transfers easily 😦

2. Staying power is not long.

3. Sometimes breaks while application.


I will be doing detailed reviews of each of these with LOTDs.

Till then.. Take care and have a happy day!


What’s your favorite ColorSensational shade? Do share.. 🙂


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