A few things about me…

I always liked reading random things or likes and dislikes of celebrities. I always look for such columns in magazines and blogs. So I thought why not write about me too, though I am not a celebrity yet, lolz.

My Name : Nisha
Profession : Working with an IT giant
Hobby : Music, Reading, Makeup blogs
Favourite Color : Red, black and white

Books…I can read all Sydney Sheldon books and now Tilly Bagshawe is keeping him alive through her sequels to Sydney Sheldon’s novels, Life is Perfect by Himani Dalmia and Ancient Promises by Jaishree Mishra any number of times

Music…I always listen to Hindustani Classical Music especially recordings by Ustad Rashid Khan. Since my ears are accustomed to such a high standard I can’t settle for the second best!

Makeup…I love Eye makeup. My favourite products in my makeup box are Lakme Kohl Ultimate, Maybelline Waterproof Mascara and L’oreal Infallible eyeshadows

L’oreal Burning Black and Endless Chocolat


Dress…I always cotton fabrics no matter whether I am in western or Indian outfits

Favourite Place…Undoubtedly Thriuvananthapuram,capital of Kerala State, the city where I grew up!

My Trivandrum(Thriuvananthapuram)


Movies…I like comedy and thrillers. I hate sentimental movies. I love to watch scary movies too but since I am scared of the dark I avoid watching them alone.

People…I like funny and straightforward people. I don’t like moody and reserved people. You can’t find any such people among my friends.

Weekend stroll…Like to do window shopping at big malls

Food…South Indian but while eating outside I always end up ordering Chilly Chicken Dry 😛

Fragrance…nothing special I just use normal deodrants

Talc…I don’t use talcum powder

Footwear…Nothing special. I like medium heels and I wear a black and brown sandals for office.

 Now I would like to hear from you. So please write to me about what you like and dislike.


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