Aroma Magic cuticle softener review

I was planning to shift my pedicure sessions from the salon to home as part of my cost cutting venture. So the first thing I did was to visit my paradise, the Health&Glow store and get a pedicure kit. Next thing I wanted was a cuticle cream. The SA showed me the aroma magic cuticle softener. I bought it without a second though since I have read good reviews about their other products.
It comes in a tiny white tube with a red cap that turns open.
Price – 100 INR for 20g.

Aroma Magic cuticle cream

The cream is opaque white one with a medicinal smell which it turned me off.

Claims by the company and Usage direction

It’s suitable for all skin types. But I am confused since they have told that we can apply it on our nails in the night also, in the usage direction. I don’t know what it actually does then. It of course moisturizes my nails but I still don’t see much difference like what they claim about strengthening my brittle nails.

The good
Attractive packing
Contains lot of good ingredients
Moisturizes the nails
The bad
I don’t see much improvement on my cuticle or my nails.
I don’t believe that it can strengthen my nails
Bad smell

Will I purchase this again? Well, I actually am not sure since I have not tried other brands. But if I find a better one I will stick to it since this is not a magical product after all and I still don’t get the finish of salon pedicure finish with it!
Rating 3/5


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