DIY – Home made Eyeshadow Base

I have experienced many times fading away of eyeshadows on my oily lids within a few hours of application. I was planning to buy an eyeshadow base to give long lasting effect for my eyeshadows. Just then I stumbled upon this recipe on another beauty blog and decided to try it out. The main reason behind my effort is that the primers are really expensive compared to the actual eyeshadows as you know.  Another reason is that there are so many products in my beauty care kit which are lying around unused for so many months since I was not impressed with their results. So why not convert them into something useful?

To be honest, as I told above that this is not my discovery, it’s some brilliant mind one but I am just showing you my experience.

To start with I used these products.

The ingredients

1. Biotique Bio Redwood Tinted Moisturizer – I used this since I didn’t like it’s smell, also it makes me sweat a lot after applying on my face.

2. Himalaya Intensive Face moisturizing lotion – It gives me an oily feel on my combination skin so I don’t use it anymore.

3. Lakme Rose Powder – I don’t have any complaints about this one. I used it because this is the only face powder I have.

4. Banjara’s Aloe Vera Gel – This is an excellent product. I used it because I need an aloe vera gel for this recipe.

I took two small spoon full of each of these product and mixed them well inside an empty jar. It looks like a cream with thick consistency. Here I want to mention that the powder and cream used in this only gives it this consistency. If you use all lotions it will be watery.

The final product – My eyeshadow base

Now I show you how it works. I have applied a little bit of it on my arm and blended well.

On my arm



Now I apply two of my favourite Colorbar eyeshadows, but with comparitively less staying power. Expensive pink and Green Stroke. You see the difference in the pictures when I apply it on my bare hand and over my eyeshadow base.

Without Flash

With Flash

As you can see on the left side the eyeshadows without base have less colour payoff and pigmentation whereas the right side when I applied them over my eyeshadow base the colors show well.  The staying power of these eyeshadows have also increased by using my eyeshadow base.

Ofcourse don’t expect this home made one can compete with the professional eyeshadow base. I have not used one so I can’t say the difference but for starters this can be tried out. Also, if you have so many products lying around unused you  can reuse them without having to throw them away.

Hope you liked this post. If yes, please give me your valuable likes and if you find something missing in this, then please let me know from your precious comments.

Have a nice weekend girls…..





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