Something related to books…

Hi friends, today I thought I will post something different from my usual makeup posts. I decided to write about a book I treasure in my collection.

I have been reading a lot from my childhood a habit which started when I was hardly 6-7 yrs old with the Malayalam childrens magazines which my parents had subscribed for me. I used to wait for them to come with the newspaper every month first week, very eagerly. Once I came to 7th std, my father got me membership in a nearby lending library. At that time I used to read Nancy Drew, Archies comics, Secret Seven and Famous five mostly. Later when I came to 8th or 9th standard I started reading Young Adult novels like Sweet Valley High series by Francine Pascal, those were my favourite books and I used to dream about having such fun at school or college like Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, the centre characters in those novels. But as you know our Indian society is very much different and we can just dream about such a lifestlye.

Once I started working my reading habit was very much affected since Internet and TV took away most of the free time. But then I used to read at times some novels mainly by Indian writers in English. I still prefer Indian Writing since I can relate to the novels better than the American or British ones. However, my most favourite books are written by my most favourite writer Sydney Sheldon because I love thrillers that too suspense thrillers. I have read all the books written by him and continue to enjoy his style throw the novels written by Tilly Bagshawe.

The book I am going to write about is not by Sydney Sheldon, since his novels are too famous and widely read by most youngsters but there’s this particular novel which I have read 5 times in these 6 yrs. It’s Jaishree Misra‘s Ancient Promises, her first novel.  I read this book first time in it’s Malayalam translation. I loved it. It belonged to my mom and I decided to buy the original one later.

Jaishree Misra

It’s a semi autobiographical book, which every woman can relate to, atleast some aspects of it. It depics the story of a teenage girl Janaki Nair, who was a  Malayali girl, the only child of a Air force officer and his wife who were settled in New Delhi. Her teenage love affair, her parents’ disapproval and then hurried marriage at the age of 17 to the son of  a reputed business family which her parents and relatives considered to be the best for her. But she never got acceptance and love from her husband or his family in Kerala. All he wanted was a trophy wife. Finally when she got pregnant she expects to get some place in her husband and mother-in-law’s heart by the birth of her child. But to add to her misery her baby girl turns out to be mentally retarded! This brings more pain to her though she considers her daughter to be the most precious thing in her life. And then she wanted to get rid of the marriage which doesn’t give any happiness or freedom to her and during that time she has a re-union with her old love which ignites all the emotions and desires which was buried deep down inside. Finally at the end of the novel she succeeds in getting divorce from her husband and the gets the custody of her daughter. And then she looks forward to a bright future with her boyfriend who happily accepts her with her daughter.

Ancient Promises

It’s a happy ending story but at the time of reading the book, I experienced the pain which Janu aka Janaki Nair goes through. And since I too have a daughter I could feel the motherly love Janu has for her daughter and how she wants the best for her child.

It’s a very good book a true portrayal of a girl’s life. May be because it’s semi autobiographical I found it more original and interesting than any other novels written by Jaishree Misra. If you have not read this one,  please read it once, you will never be disappointed.

What’s your favoutire book? Tell me, I am awaiting comments from you….


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