Bad experience at the cosmetic store

I wanted to buy colorbar I-glide pencil in black out and visited my usual cosmetic store. After giving the swatches I decide to buy lakme absolute forever silky eyeliner in gypsy green since I loved the shade. I had their nine to five range in electric violet. Though the color, staying power everything was good, it dried off after a few months and I couldn’t use it effectively anymore. But the SA convinced me that this problem is not in lakme absolute range.

I asked her to bill the I-glide pencil blackout and Lakme Gypsy green one and went to pay at the counter.

However when I paid the bill and was cross checking my products I found that she has handed over colorbar coal mine and not blackout! I thought it was a mistake and pointed out. Then the SA told me that she doesn’t have blackout in stock! I got really angry and told the store manager what she did. First he tried to put the blame on me by saying I should have cross checked. I accepted this but I told I never thought that they will show me something and hand over me something else. The SA tried to justify herself saying that I wanted black liner and coal mine is also black. I don’t know who she was trying to fool. I told her to check properly since coal mine is grey. The manager checked and agreed with me, since I paid the bill he agreed to arrange the blackout one within two days and give me a call. So much time and energy wasted! The most annoying thing is that they will not refund the amount. I could go to health and glow which was just a few feet away and purchased the shade I wanted from there. But these people are really stubborn about the refund!
I just wanted to point out that we must really check the products the shopkeepers hand over before paying the bill else you will also have these kind of headaches. Moreover the cosmetics stores employ girls who don’t have any idea about the texture and quality of the makeup products they sell!
I am still waiting for the call from the shop…


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