Sunsilk Damaged Hair Reconstruction Nourishing Conditioner Review

As a school kid, I always used to buy sunsilk shampoo sachet since it was a popular brand then. With passing years lot of new products came into the market with more attractive claims and ad campaigns and people started moving(including me) towards other brands. But sunsilk always remained in the market as a muted brand. Reccently they made some attractive innovations to their products and had them re-launched, especially their hair serum/spray is having raving reviews all over the Internet in beauty blogs.

My hair as I told earlier is very much damaged over the years due to excessive heat and pollution in the city where I live. Also the high mineral containing water added to the misery. When I saw “Damaged hair reconstruction” I immediately fell for this conditioner. It doesn’t empty your wallet, just INR 99 for 180 ml. Isn’t it very good?

Sunsilk Nourishing conditioner

I was wondering who is this Thomas Taw. I searched on the net and found that he’s a Damaged Hair expert, I seriously doubt whether it’s sunsilk company who is giving him lot of focus and media attention. Anyways you can check him out here. – Thomas Taw – The damaged hair expert.

I liked the packing it’s quite attractive in a glazing orange tube which has a flip open cap. It’s travel friendly. There are lots of claims for this product by the company.

The claims

The complete ingredients list and usage directions are also given at the back of the tube.

Ingredients list and usage directions

The product has a shelf life of 36 months, that means 3 yrs.

The conditioner is a white creamy thick one which comes out freely without much squeezing unlike many other products. I had a tough time in getting the Himalaya protein conditioner out of the bottle and got frustrated since it takes up lot of time for me to come out of the bathroom and I threw it away.

This is how it looks

Now my take on the product.

It sure does condition my hair but I don’t find any improvement on other problems I face with my hair. It doesn’t control hairfall. Anyways if I use my common sense I can understand that all these claims by companies about a conditioner is just false. Because hair fall happens from inside the roots, and conditioner we apply on the hair not on the scalp, so you can guess. Also I have read in a famous dermetologist column that nothing can repair split ends apart from trimming the ends of the hair. So you see how the companies give false claims and sell their products.

So here is my verdict.

the pros

  • Good conditioner
  • Not expensive
  • Attractive packing

the cons

  • Doesn’t repair damaged hair as it claims.
  • Cannot do anything for split ends, but as I said above no conditioner can do anything about this.

I will give it 3/5 rating.

Will I purchase it again?

I don’t think so. Even if a bit higher in cost department, I would like to try out herbal ones from Fab India to see better results.








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