Green eye makeup look

I am really fascinated with the color green on eyes. My eyes are not so beautiful like many other girls but there’s no cost in dreaming about getting the same effect of the color green on my eyes too, right? So I did a trail. I have to admit that it didn’t look too professional but not too bad too. I am still a beginner in this field you see.

First I applied Lotus Kajal on 3/4th of my eye-lids and smudged it.

Kajal on 3/4th of eyelids

I applied Colorbar eyeshadow in Green Stroke over the kajal and blended upto the crease.

Green Stroke on my eye lids

Then I applied the kajal on my lower lash line also and smudged it with a smudger.

Kajal on lower lash line

Now Green Stroke is applied on the lower lashline on top of the kajal and smudged well. With this step little bit of Kajal on the waterline too.

Green Stroke on lower lashline and Kajal on waterline

Now it’s the time to blend blend blend. It’s easy to tell, rather than doing it. I don’t have a crease brush so I use the eyeshadow one itself to blend. But I have ordered the crease brush from Urbantouch,com and waiting for it eagerly.

After blending the eyeshadow I applied Maybelline Hypercurl Waterproof Mascara on my lashes. I love Maybelline Mascaras they are a good buy because of the low price and good quality.

This is how it looks

I was impressed with the overall look though you may feel that it’s nothing so great as she blabbers! Because I am not an expert makeup artist man! You have to excuse me.

Overall look

Excuse my eyebrows, have you heard about curly eyebrows? If not, that’s a reality and check mine. I am fed up with them:-(

Now the very few products I have used here

  • Lotus Kajal
  • Colorbar Green Stroke eyeshadow
  • Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara
  • Vega Smudger brush
  • Vega eye applicator
  • Vega eyeshadow brush(Medium)

All the brushes are less priced ones from Vega since I don’t have any professional brush, again the reason being same, that I am not a professional or expert till now.

Hope you liked this post. If you liked this please give me your likes with comments. Ta ta….




5 thoughts on “Green eye makeup look

  1. You r a pro now dear. Abt the eyebrows, have u tried eyebrow brush ( or even a thin close bristled comb) and very very very tiny amounts of hair gel?

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