My three Kajals – A Comparison

I have the famous three Kajals in my kitty

  1. Lakme Kohl Ultimate
  2. Maybelline Colossal Kajal
  3. Colorbar I-glide pencil in Blackout

The trio!

They vary in prize and appearance. But the claims are same.

  • Good pigmentation
  • Smudge proof
  • Water proof
  • Long wear

The colorbar and Lakme ones come as wax pencils which has to be sharpened with every use since they are so smooth. The colossal kajal is a retracable twist up pencil which need not be sharpened.

The tips

Price and Quantity

  1. Maybelline Colossal Kajal – 150 INR for 0.35g(That explains the price I guess, the quantity being much lower than other kajals)
  2. Colorbar Blackout – 399 INR for 1.1g
  3. Lakme Kohl Ultimate – 650 INR for 1.2g

Anyways, I have given the swatches

Swatches on my arm

The positions I can give depending on the color payoff and smoothness

  1. Blackout
  2. Kohl Ultimate
  3. Colossal Kajal

I hope this is quite obvious from the swatches. In staying power again it’s the same for Lakme and Colorbar one but Colossal Kajal fades away within two hours of application. One problem I faced with colorbar pencil is that it is too smooth that it’s prone to breakage while applying if applied with slight pressure. Lakme doesn’t have this problem.

The companies claim that all of them are smudge proof and water proof. To some extent it’s true also. Still, I tried to smudge them by rubbing the swatches and here is what I got:


In smude free and staying power departments I will give them positions

  1. Blackout
  2. Kohl Ultimate
  3. Colossal Kajal

Now comes to water proof property.  I applied some water on the rubbed swatches and try to rub it again to see whether they get washed off.

Rubbed with water

Here Lakme and Colorbar gets the same point and Colossal kajal is one point behind.

  1. Blackout and Kohl Ultimate
  2. Colossal Kajal

Now the final rating

Colorbar I-glide pencil Blackout gets a rating of 4.5/5

Lakme Kohl Ultimate gets a rating of 4.5/5

Maybelline Colossal Kajal gets a rating of 3/5

What will I recommend to others or re-purchase?

I will definitely recomment Lakme Kohl Ultimate and Colorbar I-glide pencil to everyone and will purchase them again and again. I don’t mind the price of Lakme Kohl due to it’s exccellent quality and you can see in the pictures that I have already used  almost 3/4th of it. Colorbar one is lesser in price and provide better staying power. But color payoff is same, or even little bit more than that of Lakme. Maybelline Colossal Kajal has less color payoff and staying power that the other two. But it doesn’t give raccoon eyes or gets completely washed off if you wash your eyes. For me, it doesn’t show well on my waterline so I use it always on my lids as eyeliner. But if you are looking for medium pigmentation and a lesser priced kajal then you can go for it.

Hope you liked my post. Please let me know what you think by your likes and comments.

Have a great weekend girls!



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