Dhathri Hair Care Herbal Oil Review

It was actually my mom who started using this oil which had rave reviews all around Kerala, the first time it came into the market. Later I started using it. When I moved out of Kerala, I started using Parachute refined hair oil but occasionally I used to get this one from Kerala and use it.

Dhathri Herbal Oil

The company claims :

  • Controls Hair fall
  • Enhances hair growth

Price : 196 INR for 100ml. The product expiry period is 3 yrs from the date of manufacture.

The ingredients list as well as usage directions are given at the back of the outer cover.


I was surprised to see the new look of the bottle which is like size zero when compared to the old packing.

The bottle

Though the packing is attractive it’s not at all travel friendly. This was applicable to the old packing also but I don’t know why they didn’t improve this fault with the new look of the product. They increased the price also it seems. Whenever I travelled with this oil, it has spilled and made my bag messy.

Inside the cap

Inside there is another leaf of paper which has again the detailed description of the ingredients and picture demonstration of the usage directions. I found it really funny when I saw this picture demonstration because anyone who applies hair oil will know very well how to do this!

Usage directions

Ingredients and benefits

It’s written in an indirect way that this oil may not be suitable for sensitive skin and babies. They have also claimed that this oil is useful for controlling dandruff. The oil looks like a clear coconut oil which is mixed with some black color substance. Though the bottle instructions ask us to shake the bottle well before use it doesn’t let the colour be mixed evenly. But I really love the smell of this oil. It really smells like herbal oil which is really subtle and pleasant.

Oil on my palm

I have noticed that it moisturizes the scalp well and controls the irritation caused by dandruff on the scalp but it has not controlled my hairfall.

So the pros and cons now

The good:

  • Pleasant smell
  • Purely a herbal oil with lot of good natural  ingredients
  • Controls dandruff caused irritations
  • Good for daily use too
  • Affordable
  • Complete list of ingredients as well as their benefits are mentioned

The bad:

  • Not at all travel friendly
  • The look of the oil gives a feel that it is contaminated
  • Not good for sensitive skin and for babies.
  • Doesn’t control severe hair fall
  • Availability can be an issue since it’s a Kerala local pharmacy product. I have seen it in some super markets in Chennai also. Still, may not be available in other parts of the country or even, world!

Will I purchase it again?

Hmmm…yes, because the parachute oil also doesn’t control my hair fall. This one atleast has good natural ingredients which may enhance the hair growth(that’s a hope now). I love the smell of this product too.


12 thoughts on “Dhathri Hair Care Herbal Oil Review

  1. its advantage is that it wont disappear from the market once you start using it. also its a boon for people who dont have time make oils at home..have tried this.im happy with my neelibringhadi oil for years… 🙂 but i love their dheedhi (strange name :P) shampoo.. its really mild.. good writeup..

  2. Oh thanks Fn, I would like to try out their shampoo then. Am currently using Fab India Teatree oil shampoo but I don’t like to use the same brand all the time. So next shampoo will be this for me!

  3. Nice Review Nisha…I am currently using Dabur Amla Hair Oil….Will give a try after it finish… and have ever used Kunkumadhi thailam for skin as i have heard it is from Kerala….

    • thanks Radha. Yes I have used kumkumadi thailam prescribed by my doctor. But since I have combination skin I didn’t use it much since it makes the skin oily. I don’t think it’s suitable for us, the south indians since we have normally oily skin. You still can try it for other benefits and see. For clear skin, I take Safi tonic daily. It purifies the blood and controls acnes on my face

      • Thank you for the idea Nisha…I will have a look on Safi tonic…You can review that too na… 🙂 i am waitin for your masala idli Recipe lol

  4. Hi, I need a advise from you. I have just moved to CA, USA two months ago. Earlier I was in India and I had never experienced this much hair fall as I am experiencing it now, after coming to USA. I thought it is due to weather and water change but though 2 months have passed still I am suffering through heavy hair loss. Also, I have a dandruff problem.
    I wash hair after every three days and I always apply hair oil (Bajaj Almond drops) and do massage, 2-3 hours before head bath. I have tried every possible option known to me.
    Please give me an advise and help me to reduce hair loss.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi, shiney, I moved my blog to http://www.makeupandfood.com
      Regarding your problem I feel it may be because of change in your diet. When I visited a dermatologist for the same problem, he advised me to take plenty of fruits, leafy vegetables, egg and fish. Also he gave me some amino acid tablets and vitamins. But you should take any medicine after seeing a doc only. Sleep for 7, hours, be tension free, eat good food, never skip breakfast etc are some care for hair

      • Even I thought the same that it might be due to deficiency in diet so started eating fruits regularly like 1 apple 1 pear 1 orange and 1 banana daily. From last two months I am following it but still my issue is not resolved. Also, I sleep for more than 6 hours. Should I change my hair oil? or Should I see a doctor for this?

  5. Friends pls help me, am already having very vry low hair.. wen i walk out many ppl come and askd me y am having this much low hair ? and they say some suggestions, at that time i was really fed up.. i approached vcare also but no use.. already tried many treatments as per doctors suggestions but no use.. if i count my hair believe it or not , its really just in hundreds.. daily lots of hair falling, athuvum hair veroda varuthu.. pls suggest me good for my hair growth.. requesting all.. Thank u.

  6. Hi, I need some advise. I wash my hair in every 3 days. I have started using Dhathri oil from today itself. Is it ok to keep the oil in my hairs for 2-3 days so that i can wash it off after that?

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