Avon Clear Skin Blemish Clearing Advanced Spot Treatment Review

I recently noticed lot of acne and blemishes on my face which I suppose is caused by the pollution and lack of proper skin care. I read good reviews about Avon Clear Skin Blemish Clearing Advanced Spot treatment in some beauty blogs and decided to try it out. There’s this girl working in my company who is an agent for Avon products. I easily get those wonder products through her with good discounts.

It took almost a month for me to get this product.

Price :189 INR for 15ml 

The product has an expiry period of 3 yrs.

Avon Blemish Clearing Serum

The claims from the company,usage instructions and main ingredients are written at the back of the tube.


Claims from the company and usage directions

It comes in a small cute tube with a screw cap. The packing is extremely travel friendly and hygienic.

The tube

The serum is a transparent with thick consistency. It has a pleasant fragrance but not anything strong for my nose.

On the back of my hand

The serum blends well into the skin and spreads evenly. It leaves slightly sticky feeling where it is applied and controls the oil on that area. I feel little bit pulling on the skin so I think this will not suit dry skinned people. But the serum really does what it claims by controlling acne and blemishes.

Here are the pros and cons of this product:

The positives

  1. Controls acne and blemishes
  2. Controls oil
  3. Excellent and wise packing
  4. No strong smell, but has rather a pleasant one.
  5. No stinging on the skin
  6. Affordable

The negatives 

  1. Makes the skin dry so not suitable for dry skinned people
  2. Available only through Avon agents

Will I purchase it again?

Kidding me? I don’t see any reason for not purchasing it again! I will give it a rating of 4/5.






14 thoughts on “Avon Clear Skin Blemish Clearing Advanced Spot Treatment Review

      • Alcohol is a skin irritant to start with. It may treat acne temporarily, but in the long term, alcohol does not work. It can dry up the skin to a great extent. This can in turn stimulate oil production and worsen the acne apparently. But again I am not a dermatologist dear. A good astringent does a better job in removing the oil on the skin. Other side effects of rubbing alcohol include swelling and redness of the skin too.

        This has like 34 % alcohol dears!!

        But even our clearasil contains a bit of alcohol.

      • what to do most of the astringents, toners and other cosmetic products contain alcohol. Similarly I see paraben also in the ingredients list for many products. It is considered as a cause of premature aging of the skin 😦

      • Nisha, when i wrote alcohol I really meant ethyl alcohol and it varient, denatured (SD, denat) alcohol. Apparently the other alcohols like cetyl, stearyl, cetearyl, or lanolin alcohol, known as fatty alcohols are safe, and their effects on the skin are quite different from those of ethyl alcohol. Did u know cetyl alcohol is derived from coconut oil and it is soooo good for skin?

        I think the companies should start mentioning which alcohol they mean in their ingredient list. I know some do, but not all unfortunately , to confuse us.

      • That’s really a great piece of information, Sherin. Thanks a bunch! Are you a dermetologist by any chance? Which part of medicine you specialize in? You are really a value added follower of my blog. he he. Thanks for the support 🙂

      • Nisha applying lemon juice and pure honey in equal quantity for 20 mts regularly will clears blemishes and acne marks…If there is no Acne mix rice and curd use it as a scrub..this is my favorite scrub 🙂

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