My first professional makeup brush

I wanted so badly a crease brush and was unable to find one in the regular range in the budget. So I extended my search to the professional range also and found the Vega professional eye makeup brush PB-14 in urbantouch website. Without any second thoughts and I ordered it.
My parcel arrived exactly four days later. I was so excited to put my hands on it. On the way back home from office, I felt my heart almost came out to my mouth. He he.

The Vega professional eye makeup brush

The brush is really long, longer than those in the regular range. It looks really good with the black color  body with silver letters on it.  The bristles are really soft and don’t poke my eyes while blending the eyeshadow. I think the body is made of wood and steel in black and silver finish. I think so, at least.

The head

The bristles are really soft and blend the eyeshadow well without poking the eyelids. I am really happy for this purchase.The price is also awesome for a professional brush.

The bristles

The bristles won’t shed when the brush is cleaned or while applying the eyeshadow. The only two problems I felt with Vega Professional Eye makeup Brush are:

  • There is no indication on the cover regarding the use of the brush. It just mentions Eye makeup brush.
  • Availability. I don’t know why Vega doesn’t sell their professional range through the major cosmetic stores whereas their economy range is available everywhere. We have to get them from online stores.

Now I am thinking over the idea of buying some contouring brushes also from this range. They are really affordable compared to the other brands and quality is also superb!

So when are you going to get these beauties in your kitty?




4 thoughts on “My first professional makeup brush

    • It’s easy yar, just mix some mild shampoo in a mug of water. Dip the brushes into it for some time. Wash and rinse well and keep the brushes at the edge of a table with the britsles out. The water will drip and slowly the britsles will be dry. Before drying gently push the bristles back to shape and then keep for drying

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