Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Day Creme

As my Revlon Intense mattifying cream is going to get over, I decided to try my luck with the lakme one. I found the smallest tube possible to buy since I wanted to try it out and then decide about keeping it as a staple day creme in my kitty.

It comes inside a paper cover(which unfortunately got damaged, thanks to the lil curious lady in my house).

The tube

The price is  on the expensive side 99 INR for 15g. Shelf life is 2 yrs

The claims and ingredients list are printed on the tube also.

Ingredients List

There’s no mention regarding the SPF. I think being a day creme they should have included SPF also in the creme. But there’s nothing, to my disappointment. I don’t like layering of creams since it makes my face greasy and sits heavily under my makeup. Also I sweat a lot if I layer my cosmetics on the face which spoils my makeup:-(

The cap and the nozzle

The packaging is very hygienic and  travel friendly with a screw cap and a long nozzle. It prevents the creme from getting  contaminated or dried.

The creme reminds me of Pond’s White beauty, or rather,  an improved version of it. This creme is a thick white one which blends smoothly and leaves a matte finish on the skin without making the face greasy. It also moisturizes the skin well for a long time. Only problem I found in this is no SPF despite being a day creme.

On the back of my hand


After blending the creme leaves a healthy glow on the skin. It didn’t cause me to breakout like the way Pond’s white beauty does.


So the conclusion

The positives

  • Good moisturizer
  • Blends well leaving no greasy feel
  • Leaves a glow on the skin making the skin looks fairer
  • Easily available in any stores that keep skin care products

The negatives

  • Expensive for the quantity we get
  • No SPF

I can give a rating of 4/5 for this product.

Will I repurchase this?

May be or may not be. If I find a similar product with SPF for the same price I can definitely avoid buying this one.



4 thoughts on “Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Day Creme

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  2. I was searching a good day cream Nisha…Your review will be useful for me to choose…i will consider this in my list as you said won’t make oily and breakouts…
    Thank you Nisha….

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