My first buy from MAC!

Today was my husband’s birthday. We went out for lunch and then a lil bit of shopping. We visited the Ramee Mall in Hyatt Regency and I just loved the place. It was the first time I am going there. I felt that I have reached some dream land! There are so many international brands – MAC, Krayolan, Givenchy, Guerlain, Christian Dior and what not!

Seeing MAC I couldn’t control my temptation and just walked in. I wanted a matte black eyeshadow badly. But I was thinking of buying from NYX or Faces. Since I was not able to get that, I decided I will buy my very first MAC eyeshadow in black.  The response of MAC SA was too cold there. I don’t know why they are not very pleasing or eager to help the customers. She was like, if you want you take and go! I thought she will come and ask what I was looking for, but she waited for me to reach the billing desk and ask! When I told I wanted a matte black eyeshadow she asked me what purpose I had! I was confused what should I say, what will I use an eyeshadow for? I mumbled something like applying on top of the  eyeliner. Then I got what she meant. May be they have different pigmentation for different ranges and if I wanted it just for using as eyeshadow, she would have showed me a more intense colored one. She showed me one with slight shimmer which was slightly more in quantity. I asked whether she had exact matte one. She showed me the famous MAC Carbon. I was thinking why she didn’t give me a swatch. I asked for a swatch, then she told “Ok you can try”. I took a swatch by myself with my index finger and was pleased with the intense pigmentation. I asked for an olive green and she handed over to me ‘Oomph’ which attracted me a lot.

MAC eyeshadows and the carry bag

Both eyeshadows costs 900 INR for 1.3g of Oomph and 1.5g for Carbon. The both come with tiny black paper covers which I felt look classy.

The classy black case

The case is also black in color and has a transparent lid which helps us to identify the color easily. It has a shelf life of 2 years (I think or is it 3????)

Inside the case

The swatches! In the store the pigmentation was awesome but I was shattered when I tried to swatch it at home for this post. The first impression I got with both the eyeshadows is – ‘tight’ or ‘hard’. Both the eyeshadows were too hard on my finger. The pigmentation is only average. I don’t know why this happened. I trusted the name MAC too much, I guess.

With flash


Without flash

So finally my conclusion is :

These two eyeshadows can be avoided if unless you are looking for medium pigmentation. I was looking for matte black and deep olive green eyeshadows and the swatches at the store cheated me. I think Carbon is more like grey not even a  soft black. May be because I told the SA for something which is to be applied over the eyeliner, she handed me over this. Partly my mistake also I feel. Anyways these two have pierced my wallet and in the near future I can’t think of buying anything new. I will give only a rating of 3/5!

Will I buy them again?

Never, I don’t think these two will ever get used up completely. Moreover the pigmentation is poor, I can’t use it alone as eyeliner since I am sure that they won’t show well. But I think both of them will look beautiful over eyeliners.

Anyways the most important thing is that finally, I own something from “MAC”!





10 thoughts on “My first buy from MAC!

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    • I don’t like the texture of the two shades which I bought since they are very dry and have less than average pigmentation. I have heard mostly good opinion abt MAC eyeshadows so I guess the problem is specific to certain shades alone 🙂

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