Avon Naturals Tea Tree Oil & Green Tea Purifying Face Wash

I ordered the Avon Naturals Face wash through an Avon agent who’s working in my company, since she convinced me that Avon products are good protection against acne and blemishes. I got the product within a month after ordering.

The packing is attractive but not travel friendly. It leaks through the flip open cap if not handled with great care. The tube is really a soft one so that I sometimes doubt whether it will be torn apart if not handled gently. But it doesn’t!

The tube

The claims is printed on the backside of the tube.

Claims by the company

Shelf life of this product is 3 yrs.

Ingredients list

The face wash is a thick gel kind which is transparent and has minute granules in it. Because of this, it can be used as a daily scrub also, though it’s  a gentle scrub. The product has a fruity smell which is really mild and nothing which causes irritation to my nose.

The face wash on my palm

The face wash causes little bit lather but nothing like that is caused by soap. In short, I am in love with this product despite the few cons it has regarding packing. I use it daily and it has not caused any irritation on my skin. One fact is that it doesn’t wash away the makeup fully, especially the waterproof makeup for that I still stick on to my home made makeup remover which I have shown in an earlier post HERE.

The pros 

  1. Very good face wash which doesn’t make the skin rough or dry. It doesn’t leave a greasy feel either.
  2. Daily use scrub included
  3. No strong smell
  4. No irritation on the skin
  5. Price is affordable despite the cheaper brands available in the market
  6. Has tea tree oil and green tea which are considered as natural remedies for so many skin problems
  7. Available with good discount through agents

The cons

  1. The biggest con is that Avon products are not available in any stores, we have to depend on agents only.
  2. The clumsy packing
  3. Cannot be used as the only makeup remover

I will give this a rating of 4.3/5

Will I purchase this again?

Oh yes! I would like to keep this always among my skin care products as this is a wonderful product that neither makes my skin dry nor makes my skin oily.



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