MAC Eyeshadow Carbon – Review

As I have already mentioned my experience with MAC for the first time, I am not going into the first day details. Yes I meant first day, because I had to visit their store again within a week. No no, I didn’t buy anything new, but I went there to exchange the Carbon eyeshadow I bought. After reaching home buying the MAC eyeshadows, to my horror I found that the carbon eyeshadow is going to expire within a month! I have spent a fortune for the tiny thing and it’s going to get expired within a few days!!! I had to exchange it. Morever unlike the swatch taken at the shop, pigmentation was very less when I tried it at home.

So when I walked in only one MUA was there, who was already attending another customer. She told me that her colleague will help me.To my disappointment, the unpleasant and non-helpful MUA who attended me the first time from another room. She was wearing a deep red colored lipstick and her teeth was also stained with that color. I felt that she has just eaten something…..ufff no, I don’t want to mention it. Jokes apart, she was obviously irritated when I asked her for the exchange of my eyeshadow. She told me that Carbon is the blackest black MAC can provide. I don’t know whether it’s true. Because according to me it’s not even black. She told me that powders don’t get expired. Then I asked her why it’s written that it’s best used before October 2012!(I don’t know what’s the point she was trying to make). The other MUA also supported her saying powders don’t get expired! I asked her then why they give this date behind the packet. She didn’t have any answer, she repeated that it’s best used before Oct 2012, it doesn’t say that it should not be used after that time. I started getting impatient and irritated with the arguments they were making. I told her that the product is even hard and doesn’t swatch well at home. She told me that may be I am not using it properly. She told me that the other shades like Nehru or Typography are actually grey not black. I told her atleast to give me a newer Carbon. Finally seeing my firm decision to exchange it, she handed over me another Carbon eyeshadow which will be expired only in 2014.


Coming to the review, the packing is usual MAC classic packing in black color with white letters. It looks really classy.

The packing

Price is 900 INR for 1.5g. Shelf life is 3 yrs(but they say there’s no such thing for powder eyeshadows!)

The packing is really travel friendly and sturdy with a thick black round pan with transparent lid so that we can see the shade without opening the lid.

The black box

The shade name and type is printed on the backside.

The shade name and type

The eyeshadow is really matte black one which I feel is good for multipurpose.

The eyeshadow in the pan


I tried to swatch it again. This time it didn’t disappoint me. The pigmentation really impressed me this time than the last time. It swatched better though not very intense.

With flash, the bottom swatch is without primer and top one is with primer.

Without flash(Not very clear)

As you can see, with a base the color payoff is better. However it’s pure matte black, this time I felt it’s really black, though not very intense. However I am satisfied with it since my main purpose is to set my eyeliner and kajal in place rather than using in completely on the lids.

Summing up…

What I like

  • Good matte shade which can be used in multiple ways
  • Pigmentation is decent though not very intense
  • Blends smoothly
  • Staying power is decent if used on a base
  • Good for soft smokey eyes
  • Can be used to set the eyeliner and kohl

What I don’t like

  • Pigmentation is not intense so I don’t think it can be used alone, as an eyeliner
  • No applicator provided, I am mentioning this as a con,because it cannot be applied using hand properly.
  • According to the MUA it cannot be used wet, it will look patchy if applied wet
  • Too expensive

I will give this a rating of 3.8/5

Will I purchase this again?

I may not, because this one will not get finished so soon. I would like to explore other shades now.





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