MAC Eyeshadow – Oomph Review

I recently bought two eyeshadows from MAC recently which is my first ever purchase from the brand. I was not very much impressed by the overall customer care in the store since the MUA was not helping much in choosing the product or talking about the quality or shades available. She sounded eager to finish off with me as soon as possible, rather.

I wanted a deep olive green shade and selected the shade Oomph from Mickey Contractor range. I selected the small pan which costs 900 INR for 1.3g and has a shelf life of 3yrs.

The packing is the classic black colored paper box, with a tiny black box with transparent cap. The packing is extremely travel friendly and convenient. The plastic box which holds the eyeshadow is strong and will not break easily.




The eyeshadow is a deep olive with black undertones. It looks as if a green eyeshadow is applied over a black base.

without flash

with flash

Now the swatch, this is the tricky part. I found the texture little bit hard to swatch whereas using a brush, I could get more product picked up by the bristles. The pigmentation is not something great. I felt it’s average. With a base it shows better, though.

Without Flash, Left – Without base and Right – With base


With Flash

See the difference. Though it looks little bit more bright in the pan, while applying it looks darker. I have applied on my lids too without a primer, but I had to layer it 2-3 times to get this color. It’s the best for smokey eyes but can’t be used as  an eyeliner due to the medium pigmentation.

A messy application

On the lower lashline I have applied one layer of Colorbar Green Stroke and you can see the difference between the two eyeshadows. Green Stroke is brighter and more richly pigmented compared to Oomph. But for a smokey eye I find Oomph is a better shade.

I am sorry that the application is very messy, but I did it just for the post, and that too quickly. I just wanted to show the shade on my lids so I didn’t blend it properly.

Oomph on upper lashline and Green Stroke on lower lashline

There is slight creasing after a few hours due to my excessively oily eyelids. I think with a base it will last more and prevent the shade from creasing.Without base it fades slightly within 2-3 hours.

The final conclusion according to me.

The pros

  • Good deep olive shade which I could not find in other brands.
  • Excellent and attractive packing
  • Best for smokey eyes
  • Can never go OTT though slight shimmer is there in the shade

The cons

  • Medium pigmentation
  • Staying power is less without primer
  • Slight Creasing observed
  • Too expensive for the quality and quantity


I will give this a  rating of 3/5.

Will I purchase again?

I don’t think so. Since this shade can be achieved by mixing a grey or black eyeshadow with a slighly ligher olive shade. I feel it’s too expensive for the quality it offer. Also, I find L’oreal Infallible Eyeshadows far superior to these though the price is just half of this one. But, I would like to try other shades offered by MAC






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