How To Blow Dry Easily and Maintain It

Hi everybody 🙂

I would like to give a video here that shows how to blow dry hair at home easily. Indian hair is different in that it takes more time to dry generally and is more frizzy.

This is a simple beginner’s video. All it takes is some hair clips/bands, heat protector and a blow dryer! Don’t forget to use a heat protectant spray because hair will be damaged in the long run.

How to maintain a blowout

Start with clean hair:  Wash and rinse scalp and hair squeaky clean. It should not feel slippery. Add conditioner only to ends. If you are doing a blow-dry at a salon, tell the stylist how many days you want to maintain it. Start drying hair when it is 60% dry, not dripping wet.

Choose products wisely:  Use creamy pomades and shine serums sparingly. Silicone serums should never be applied to the root. Mousse can be applied to roots. Start with small amounts and add product later if you want. Otherwise your hair will become limp n oily next day itself.

Protect the hair: When washing face or applying creams, pull back hair so that water does not touch it.

Spruce it up:  If scalp appears oily, put dry shampoo and brush it out well. If hair goes limp, apply volumnizing spray to roots and blowdry again.  For small portions which look untidy, use a flat iron.

Avoid working out: If you want to maintain your awesome blowout for few days, avoid the gym because exercise makes roots sweaty.

Try this simple blowout and tips at home and let me know…

Image and video courtesy:  YouTube and Google Images.