Bad Beauty Habits You Need to Stop!

We all have bad beauty habits that will ruin our skin and hair in the long run.. So everyone.. you need to kick these habits out of the window ūüôā

Skipping sunscreen: This is a really dangerous habit. Aging is caused mostly by sun exposure. So whatever damage control you try to do later, it wont work. Slather on that sunscreen even if you forget every other product!


Product Overload: Buying products thinking that you will find your HG one round the corner. You may end up with a light purse and a messy room and may do more harm to your skin by layering different products that work against each other.


Licking lip balm: Licking the balm, especially flavored ones will again dry out your lips with saliva and you need to apply balm and the cycle continues. Change to a natural and preferably unflavored lip balm to break this habit.

Sleeping with makeup on: You may be too tired to take off makeup before crashing on the bed but at least use a cleansing wipe and cleanse face, eyes and lips. Remember that this is not a substitute for proper cleansing and do that  promptly the morning after.


Torturing your hair: ¬†Some like to twirl and play with hair, even pulling strands out. ¬†Others find hunting for split ends and splitting split ends further up the hair like a science experiment. Stop all this¬†immediately¬†if you want to retain your hair health. If you are addicted to applying heating tools like¬†blow-dryer, curling iron or flat iron every single day,do a deep conditioning treatment every week and¬†don’t¬†forget to ¬†use a good heat protector. Also stop product overload, clarify once a week and stop teasing and backcombing too much.


Biting nails and cuticles: Most of us like to chew our nails like popcorn when tensed or when watching a movie etc. Bleeding cuticles are very painful and ugly to look at. Put on a bitter hand lotion or chew gum when you feel the urge. Or get an awesome manicure so you¬†don’t¬†feel like ruining it. When cutting cuticles yourself, go easy and do not cut it all off.


Cleanup with a vengeance: ¬†We have been hearing this for years.. Don’t pick your zits.. Yes, it would mostly result in scars that would take you forever to get rid of. Don’t steam your face for half hour and then attack blackheads with sharp tools and scrape them. Better leave the extraction to professionals. Or steam¬†gently¬†for 5 minutes and scrape them out gently if you know what you are doing. Use scrubs maximum only 2 days a week.¬†Over-scrubbing¬†will cause whiteheads and red skin and may even cause open pores.


Moisturizing like mad:  Slathering your skin with lotions, potions, body butters and what not 24/7 is not a good idea. Give your skin a break occasionally or use natural oils instead.


Touching your face:  Stop the urge to touch your face often. You will be transferring all the germs directly, and also oils from hair. When you have breakouts, try to remember whether your over-touching is the reason.


Dirty brushes: Clean them at least once a week. You wont wear dirty clothes, so why use dirty brushes on your face?

Other bad habits worth mentioning are over bleaching, slouching, using old makeup, over-plucking eyebrows, rubbing your eyes, over-shampooing etc.

What bad beauty habit are you guilty of? Break them! ūüôā

Images Courtesy: Google Images.


3 thoughts on “Bad Beauty Habits You Need to Stop!

    • I too do most of these Sherin. The only things I avoid doing are – Sleeping with makeup on, over moisturizing( you can say I am under moisturized) biting nails and harsh cleanups. We know these things are the basic bad habits which abuses our skin but still we do it.:-(

  1. I have the bad habit…..over moisture…still my face oily…If I feel little dryness I will immediately massage with oil….this causing me breakouts mostly…I know…I have to stop…Nisha Nice post Thank you…

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