Beauty Myths – True Facts

We all believe in some beauty routine. Are they really beneficial? Here are some beliefs we beauty lovers have. Let’s see how far they are from the truth.

Facial is good for skin

My salon expert will kill me for writing this. But since we all shell out lot of money on spa treatments and facials I included this. According to a dermatologist who happens to be my friend, there is no proved fact in this. Facials include massages which give a relaxation to our body and for that particular time it increases the blood circulation also, but there is no significant effect on the skin. I believe this, because it’s been 6 months I got a facial done in a salon. There is no major problem for my skin.

These are the things I do without fail.

  • I cleanse regularly using a good face wash.
  •  Use a mild scrub which keeps away blackheads and whiteheads.
  • I make it a point to wash my face as soon as I come home from outside.
  •  I remove my makeup completely before sleep.
  • Use a  good astringent. If you have dry skin you can use a toner. Mine is a combination skin.
  • I also apply a good moisturizer or aloe Vera gel after cleansing and toning.
  • Before going to sleep apply a good night cream on the face and neck.
  • Use sunscreen before going out in sun

My skin still looks the same as it was when I used to get facials monthly. To tell you the truth, I have combination skin. If you have some skin problems after doing this skin care routine, then it’s better to consult a dermetologist.
Combing hair promotes growth

Though combing is good,over doing it will cause the hair to get brittle and break easily due to dryness. Because vigorous combing will rip the hair out of its natural moisture. These are the things to note while you comb your hair.

  • Comb hair gently
  • Daily 2-3 times combing is enough. More than this can result in hair fall.
  • Back combing the hair vigorously may cause baldness
  • Don’t comb wet hair. First dry the hair and then comb it.
  • The teeth of the comb should not be sharp, as it may hurt the scalp and cause infection
  • Clean the comb regularly with a mild shampoo and disinfectant.
  • Do not use combs used by others. This may cause dandruff and other infections.

Steam is good for skin

Steaming will open the pores on the skin so it’s important to use a good face mask after this else the open pores will get clogged with dirt and sweat which will result in pimples. However, gentle steaming opens the pores and gets them cleansed. But harsh steaming can cause irritation to the skin and cause damage. It may cause the dry skin types to produce more oil and cause the skin to be acne prone. This can be true, because in the salon where I used to get my face steamed, the girl used to keep the steamer on towards my face and leave the room. I had to turn my face to avoid the burns caused by the steam on my face. So the final conclusion on this confusing routine is that, it’s good if done moderately and gently but not good frequently.
Using different brands of shampoo will harm the hair

It’s not a proved fact again. According to my professional salon expert, it doesnt matter if you change your shampoo regularly. If the same shampoo is used for a long time, it will cause build up on the hair shaft, which will result resistance of the hair towards the shampoo. Changing shampoo in between will give a new wash, though the build up will not be removed. If you have found your dream shampoo that fulfills your demands then try alternatively for a natural remedy for your problem to avoid discontinuing the shampoo.

So please communicate to me if anything you think I have missed here or if you have a different opinion. I am not a professional or a learnt one in this matter I am just gathering up tips and tricks I have read or heard from others.

Hope you like this post.

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3 thoughts on “Beauty Myths – True Facts

  1. facials are so hyped up i swear.. but the ones done at medspas with proper equipment can be excluded i guess… most ppl donno how to use steam properly… in my parlor also stupid girl was saying steam after facial… huh..???

  2. Yes feb, I don’t trust the normal facials but may be the special treatment ones which is done by an experienced professional may be different. But for treatments you will have to get multiple sittings per month to achieve the result

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