Shopping with

I love online shopping. I love shopping from stores too 😛 But online window shopping is what I do usually. It gives me atleast half the pleasure of window shopping in a beauty store or shopping mall. This time I decided order some products from mainly for Matrix Biolage Anti-dandruff shampoo which is not usually available in stores and the matrix hair color in dark brown for my husband. I took an extra bonus by ordering lotus nutranite night cream for myself too 😛

The package arrived within 3 days. I have bought from medplusbeauty before once, but that time it had taken more than a week for the delivery. I always go for Cash on Delivery option because I am scared whether I will get cheated if I pay for something online. :-O I gave the shipping address as my office address and the person was standing outside the main gate and calling me to go and collect my packet. I requested him to come inside to the reception but he was not willing to 😦 When I order books from flipkart they always come inside the office and deliver. That’s one good thing about them. Even urbantouch and violet bag delivery boys come inside to hand over the products but only medplusbeauty delivery boy is so stubborn 😦

The packing in cardboard box

The packing was done in a cardboard box and I will not say that it’s attractive. But of course, it was a sturdy packing and they had put thermocol pieces inside to protect the products from breakage.

Thermocol inside the box


Inside the box and beneath the thermocol layer the products are tightly packed inside a bubble wrapper.

bubble wrapper

I was so excited to see the products outside so I didn’t bother to open the bubble wrapper neatly. I just tore it off! Speak of school kids getting excited with new buys! he he he.

So here are my new buys.


The purchase


I never had any problem purchasing beauty and skin care products online but there are many people who got cheated with the poor customer care response in case they want an exchange or refund of the products. However, I like to purchase from since their packing is really attractive in strong attractive black boxes which I re-use to store my beauty products.

How do you like shopping beauty products online? Please share your experience with me.





2 thoughts on “Shopping with

  1. Nice haul Nisha….Me mostly Prefer Online shopping only online….there is no sales girls torture na…They will annoying us like anything if are looking for a particular product…..

    • You are correct Radha, In chennai most of the departmental stores like Angels or health and glow, the SAs do not know about the products in the brand they are selling. If we ask some particular product they show something else or else will be rolling their eyes trying to understand what we asked for. Also, they are too pushy to sell the products we dont want at all!

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