Before you buy cosmetics and makeup

Do you do some homework before going to shop for cosmetics and makeup products? If not, I will tell you why. I always end up buying more products than I actually intended for once I go to shop. It can be due to many reasons.

Some of the factors which affect the smart shopping are

  1. No clear idea about what to buy
  2. No clear thinking about how the product will benefit you
  3. No clear calculation about the budget
  4. Pushy sales girls
  5. Not firm on your stand when you say ‘No’
  6. No idea about the brands and products
  7. Lack of pre-check on the products through customer reviews

I also don’t follow these at times but I feel that if you follow the following rules it will definitely help you to shop smartly.

List out the products you want to buy

Always make a list of the things you want to buy. Work on a budget so that you know your limits of expenses.

Know how the products will benefit you
You should know what are the possible options for you so that you can check various options to tackle the shopping smartly. For example you want to buy a moisturizer for the day and you should getu a sunscreen lotion too since you may be exposed to sun for long time. Why don’t you buy a moisturizer which has required SPF so that you can avoid buying two products saving your money.

Fix a budget
You can fix a budget, if not accurately just an approximate amount you can spend. Check the various brands to see the price for the same formula. You can select the most affordable product within your budget.

Don’t hesitate to say ‘No’

A common factor which makes our shopping experience horrible is pushy sales agents. You cannot avoid them they are doing their job like the way we do ours. If you have shortlisted the products you want to buy stick on to it. Don’t buy anything because you are under pressure. There is nothing wrong in saying ‘No’ because you are spending your money and why to buy expensive products if you have no use of them? You can tell the sales agents politely and firmly that you don’t need the product which they are suggesting. If they don’t get the message then tell them firmly again or just ignore.

Keep a check on various brands available in all budgets

It’s important to know which all brands are selling the products which you need to buy. Most of the cosmetic and makeup brands have their websites which talk about their products. It’s just a myth that only the luxury brands sell good quality products. Most of the skincare and cosmetics products have same active ingredients irrespective of the brands.

Check the reviews of the products before shopping

With the advent of internet and beauty blogging shopping has become a pleasant experience. You can check the reviews of the products given by people who have used them. Check many reviews of the same product by different users to know whether the product is really suitable for your skin type and complexion. All users may not be benefited the same way by the same product. So it’s extremely important to check multiple user reviews.

Don’t hesitate to get the product tested on your skin at the store

Get swatches of makeup products to see whether the texture and shade suit you. You can ask for the swatch. Apply lotions and creams on your hands to see whether they feel good on the skin. If the SA refuses to give you a test or gives swatches on her face or hands you can ask to apply it on you since the SA may have a different type of skin and complexion from yours. Don’t buy any products without this. An attractive color of eyeshadow may not have good pigmentation when you actually swatch it. You can avoid such deceptive products.

On the back of my hand

So, hope you got an idea about the importance of home work before shopping. A little effort can save you lot of money and space in your dressing table! So when are you going for shopping?

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