Lakme Nine to Five Day Perfect Lip Color – Apricot Nectar

I was attracted to this lip color the moment I saw it on Corallista Makeup blog and wanted to buy. But  I was using Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick My Mahagony for my daily makeup and was reluctant to change it. But I don’t think having a few more colors in the makeup pouch will not hurt that much. The only problem with stacking makeup is that they never get over. However, we should quench our thirst for these simple things since we live only once and you should not regret  after a certain age! hain na? Ha ha that’s a stupid theory when we tend to overspend on makeup I know. Still….

Near my house there are no good departmental stores which have good stock of makeup products. The most appealing is Health & Glow but the customer service is really irritating. The SAs are really pushy and they don’t trust in dignity while trying to sell something. I came in and 2-3 girls came running asking what I need. I just uttered the word Lipstick, they flew to respective counters and started picking up all the lipsticks available. I then told to them that I am looking for Lakme one that too the shade Apricot Nectar, visibly making the day of the Lakme SA.She immediately told with enthusiasm that “Yes Mam we have. Please take a look”.  She handed over me the lipstick then the other SA from L’oreal, Faces and Colorbar started pouring in with their lipsticks. The Lakme SA started scolding them saying “She asked for Lakme Apricot Nectar. Why are you trying to show her your lipsticks?” She was visibly angry with them. Still they ignored and started their promotion of the particular brands. I just ignored. I thought I will lose my control and shout that I don’t need anything apart from this! Finally I paid the bill and got out from the clutches of the SAs

However my efforts never went waste.  Let me show why.

Lakme Nine To Five Day Perfect Lip Color

The price is slightly higher than other brands – 550 INR for 3.2g. Shelf life is 3 yrs.

Apricot Nectar

The lipstick comes in a cylindrical plastic cover which is not very strong I feel. Since the lid is not transparent we cannot see the shade unless we open the cover,

The Lipstick

It’s a light coral brown shade which is really unique. I took swatches from Faces and Colorbar lipsticks to see whether any similar shade is available for a lesser price. But nothing came near this. So I picked up this one. It’s really moisturizing and has good pigmentation. It doesn’t not feel hard. Smooth in application and one swipe across the lips gives good color.

Without Flash

The lipstick doesn’t dry the lips but we must apply a lip balm under this else it will not look good on dry lips. The smell is the most amazing part. It reminds me of something like milk chocolate! It sounds same as that of Vaseline Cocoa Glow Body Lotion reviewed HERE.

With flash



On my lips

After My Mahagony, this is the perfect day lip color I could get and I am sure that it’ll become  a staple one in my makeup kit.

Thubms up

  • Very smooth and creamy
  • Easily available
  • Unique shade which is perfect for day wear
  • Good pigmentation
  • Doesn’t dry the lips if applied on a lip balm
  • Decent staying power for 3-4 hours if I am not eating anything in between
  • Does not stain the lips

Thumbs Down

  • Pricey!
  • Cannot apply on very dry lips without a lip balm
  • Transfers easily, but I don’t know any other lipstick which doesn’t
  • No ingredients list mentioned

I will give this a rating of 4/5

Will I purchase it again?

Oh yes! If I don’t find anything more perfect for a day wear I will definitely buy this one again and again!


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