Lotus Herbals Nutranite Skin Renewal Nutritive Night Cream

I read the benefits of a night cream, a  proper night cream and was in search for it. Most of the night creams are very expensive than day creams.  I don’t know why, may be because of the ingredients. Anyhow I found this one in medplusbeauty and checked the reviews on other sites. I got good reviews about this cream and decided to buy it.

My courier came within 3 days and I was so eager to use this cream. Price is 345 INR for 50g. Shelf life is 3 yrs.

Lotus Nutranite Cream

I love the packing. It looks very attractive in the golden and blue color box. The claims by the company is printed on the outer box.

Claims by the Company

Usage directions are also shown on the cover.


The complete ingredients list is not given on the pack. However, the active ingredients are shown.

Active Ingredients:

Naturally derived Alpha hydroxy Fruit Acids derived from grapes, Nourishing Ginseng & Lily Nectar.

Inside the cover, there is a glass jar holding the product. It is a thick glass jar which I am sure will not break easily. However, I am not very fond of jar packing since it’s not very hygienic and the cream tends to get dried after sometime depending on the exposure.

The packing

The jar

I don’t think the cap is very strong. It has a flimsy white plastic lid inside which I don’t like. Everytime I open the jar, I have to remove this cap which sticks and becomes messy with some amount of cream on it.

Flimsy plastic lid

The consistency of the cream is something perplexing. It looks like a thick lotion rather than a cream. It’s so soft like a souffle and I feel a tube container was better for this one. If you turn the jar little bit the cream will come to the lid and though the plastic lid is there it will come out to the outer screw lid. I don’t think this is very travel friendly.

The cream inside the jar

The fragrance is a mild one which reminds me of some jasmine perfume at times, at times of some fruit. However it is really pleasant and doesn’t irritate our nose.

The cream is a milk white colored one,so smooth on the skin and blends like dream.

The cream on the back of my hand

A little bit is enough for all over the face and neck. It gets absorbed into the skin and makes the skin feel soft and smooth. It doesn’t feel greasy or sticky at all. The most amazing thing is that, even after a night’s sleep when you get up in the morning you can feel it on your skin. And the skin remains smooth and supple. It doesn’t cause you to sweat badly and make your face oily. Had the fragrance not been there, you wouldn’t feel that you are even wearing something.

Blended and absorbed to the skin – with flash

Without flash

Now the good and the bad listed here:

The pros

  1. Attractive packing
  2. Smooth and easily absorbing cream
  3. Mild and pleasant fragrance
  4. Doesn’t cause sweat or produce more oil on the skin
  5. Remains on the skin throughout the night
  6. Moisturizes and makes the skin supple and soft for the entire night
  7. Affordable compared to other night creams

The cons

  1. Though the packing is attractive, not at all travel friendly
  2. Would have been better inside a tube
  3. Doesn’t brighten the skin, it just moisturizes.

Will I purchase this again?

This is one of the best creams I have ever used. I love love love it. I may change this one if I come across something better and affordable is there but till then I will purchase this again and again and again! I will give this a rating of 4/5.


3 thoughts on “Lotus Herbals Nutranite Skin Renewal Nutritive Night Cream

  1. its my favorite night cream..ingredients which will interact with plastic are always packaged in a glass jar… n dont worry it wont dry out to the last.. 🙂

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