The one lovely blog award!

Hi friends, our blog is nominated for this award which is the very first award for this blog. My dear friend Dr. Sherin Deepu of Kuk’s Kitchen has nominated me for this award. I sincerely thank her for the support and love she gives me for keeping my blog so lively. Thanks a lot dear.


Speaking about Sherin, she was my senior in school but we became friends through our common interest in singing. School youth festivals brought us together and we always enjoyed the practice sessions bunking classes that too with the approval of teachers. Lolz. She’s a doctor by profession but multi talented which is a rare combination, plus added benefit of a pleasant and beautiful personality. I love reading her blogs and trying out her recipes and hope you also will find the same visiting her blog.


Now a few words about me:

  1. My first interest is always music, especially Hindustani Classical Music
  2.  My little daughter is the most precious gift in my life
  3. I treasure friendship and love spending time with my friends. My school and college friends are the closest  ones I have.
  4. Apart from music my interests are makeup and food. I love eating and I can eat even when I am not hungry or I’m fully loaded. In my free time, I browse makeup and food blogs.
  5. I never get fat! Ha ha my friends must be knowing this well.
  6. I am very sensitive by nature. I don’t like making fun of anyone based on their looks or status. I hate people who does that.
  7. By profession I am not a musician, I am neither a chef nor a makeup artist, I am a software engineer, fortunately or unfortunately.

Now I would like to share this award with my favourite blogs.

1. Vazhayila by Honey Sarah Naveen

2. My Noble Secrets by Radha

3.Vini Cooks Veg by Vinita

4.Vina’s Delicious Recipes by Vina

5.Makeupholic World by renji Anooj

6. Makeup Chirps by Indrajeet Kaur

7. Vanity No Apologies by Ansh

The Rules:
  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Add The One Lovely Blog Award to your post.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Pass the award onto 15 nominees and let them know

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