Colorbar eyeshadow – Eexpensive Pink

Hi beautiful ladies,
As you know already I have all praises for Colorbar Cosmetics. When I saw this eyeshadow I didn’t have to think twice before buying it. This comes for an unbelievable price – 250INR for 1.5g. I think they have increased the price to 300 or 350 now. It has a shelf life of 3years.

Colorbar Expensive Pink

The shade is a beautiful pinkish plum that has subtle shimmer. The pigmentation is really good and it looks good for both day and night wear.

The bottom of the pan

It has good staying power and it lasts the entire day on my lids. However on my oily lids it tends to crease after a few hours. This problem doesn’t occur when I use a primer. There is no fall out. There is a mirror and a useless applicator in the lower compartment of the pan. I find the packing so wierd. Because sometimes I fear whether I will disturb the eyeshadow when trying to open the lower compartment to see the mirror and applicator. Oops I forgot to include the snaps!

without flash


With Flash


Now the swatch in flash

On my finger with flash

Now I think the best way to show the color is to apply on my lids and show it to you. You can see how beautiful the shade is.


How do you like this? I think the only negative point for this is the slight creasing caused on oily lids, So now let me sum up the pros and cons

The pros

  • Easily Avaialable
  • Inexpensive
  • Good pigmentation
  • No fallout
  • No creasing and excellent staying power when used with a primer
  • Good for both day and night makeup
  • Good packing

The cons

  • Slight creasing and fading if used without a  primer, however nothing is major.
  • Bad arrangement for mirror and applicator(I never use them though. So I don’t consider they are there!)

I will give this eyeshadow a rating of 4/5.

Will I purchase again?

Yes surely. Because in this price it’s really  a steal. I found these cons even with MAC eyeshadow which is almost 4 times the price.







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