Makeup Tips for Dusky Skinned Beauties

In India, the various cosmetic brands have given a wrong idea to people that fair skin is the basic thing needed to be beautiful. There are lots of products that claim to make the skin fair within a few weeks of application. But why? What’s wrong with a dusky complexion? With a little bit of knowledge of the right makeup and right attitude dusky skinned girls also can look beautiful and confident. Here are a few makeup tips for dusky skin tones.


Always moisturize well before foundation else the foundation can make your skin too dry. Dark skin is considered to be healthier than fair skin. Since dark skin tend to be more oily it’s always better to use a oil free moisturizer and a primer that controls oil. The primer helps to blend the foundation smoothly. Always test the shade of foundation in sun light before buying to avoid mismatch. The store lighting can cheat you. Blend well to avoid harsh edges. Never skip a translucent or lightly tinted powder over the foundation to avoid oily look.


Shades like coral, deep orange, wine etc look good on dark skin. If the color is not shown properly on your cheek, apply a cream blush under the powder blush to enhance the color. Another advantage of dark skin is that you can skip blush if you want.


Burgundy, Bronze, Brown, metallic shades etc look good on dark skin. Avoid bright and light shades. Black looks good on all skin tones.

Lip Color

Pale and frosty colors will look washed out on dark skin. But you can make bold statements using plum, burgundy, wine and brown shades. Red is another universal color on all skin tones.

Now some dark skinned beauties whom we have considered gorgeous:


Images Courtesy : Google Images


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