Faces Glam On Blush – Peach Glow

Hi my beautiful friends,

One of my friend had scolded me for cramming all my blushes in just one post. She thought it was a careless one, and she was right. So I thought of reviewing my favourite among all the four blushes that I have.

Faces Glam on Blush is a cream blush which comes for a price of 399 INR for 3.5g. It has a life of 2yrs.

Faces Blush


The shade Peach Glow

It comes in a beautiful shiny black pan with an opaque lid. It has an outer black paper cover also, but I had threwn it away. Anyways I think the packing is so beautiful. There’s no applicator provided with the blush.

The blush inside the pan, the mirror on the lid
(Without Flash)

I am sorry for such a horrible photo. I don’t know why my camrea makes the pictures go so bad:-(

The mirror is so convenient to apply the blush. I find the lid quite easy to open by pressing at the edge. It’s really travel friendly. But there was a transparent round plastic film over the blush which had given me tough time. Sometimes it used to get stuck to the cream and make ugly scratches on it while I try to pick it up. I finally threw that away.

Peach Glow – Without flash

The color is a gorgeous peach color with subtle shimmer. It can be used as a base also for another blush to show more color on your cheeks. It has medium pigmentation though the swatches show more color. When you apply with a brush it doesn’t go OTT on your cheeks and instead, gives a subtle peach glow as the name indicates.

With Flash

As you can see in the swatch below it gives a warm peach color with shimmer. But it doesn’t look harsh on the cheeks. It just gives a healthy peach glow on the cheeks. If you want more color you will have to build up color by adding more layers or applying  a powder blush of similar color over this one. However this suits me well since I don’t have prominent cheek bones and this looks appropriate for me. It blends smoothly and can be easily applied with a brush.

The swatch on my finger

The only problem is staying power. It doesn’t last whole day, but may be for 2-3 hours and after that fades off. If you want it on your cheeks whole day, apply a primer below your makeup and re-touch the blush after certain time.

So my final thoughts here:

What I like about Faces Glam on Blush Peach Glow

  1. Attractive and travel friendly packing
  2. Good buy for the price we pay. I don’t think it’s expensive.
  3. Good shade for day and night wear.
  4. Comes with a mirror
  5. Blends smoothly
  6. Easily available

What I don’t like about Faces Glam on Blush Peach Glow

  1. Staying power could be better
  2. Have to layer for more color since the pigmentation on cheeks is average unlike the swatch
  3. May not be suitable for warm skin tones. It may not show well on darker skin.
  4. Doesn’t come with applicator. So if you are taking it with us to office or college, either take a brush along or apply with your fingers which I don’t think is convenient.

I can give a rating of 3.8 for this blush.

Will I purchase this again?

I may try other shades in this range. However if this one finishes, I may try the same type and shade in other brands. But this blush is still my favourite among others in my makeup box just for the warm peach shade it gives.










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